Rick Stevenson

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Brooklyn, NY
College Of William & Mary, Hertford College
"Star Wars", "Avatar: The Last Airbender", Netflix Originals
  • Rick's extensive knowledge of "Star Wars" has helped him produce stories on topics like the inner workings of bacta tanks and the Jedi's use of force lightning, and you might find him in the sources of various "Star Wars" Wikipedia articles.
  • In addition to his many articles about a galaxy far, far away, Rick has covered a variety of news pieces about "Avatar: The Last Airbender," "Dune," and the MCU.
  • As an NYC local, Rick regularly attends advance screenings for major film releases.


Rick began writing about film and TV as a contributor to The Odyssey and various blogs in 2016. He later became a senior writer for Screen Rant, where he wrote news and features content covering new releases, classic franchises, industry trends, streaming, and more. Rick became a writer for Xoop in 2021 and an editor in 2022, later moving to SlashGear in 2024. He has also written and edited for sites like Fadeaway World, SVG, Tasting Table, StyleCaster, and Nicki Swift.


Rick studied writing and storytelling at the College of William & Mary, receiving his B.A. in 2019. He is also an associate of Oxford University's Hertford College and a graduate of the Columbia Publishing Course.
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