Rachel Redfern

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Dubai, UAE
Brigham Young University, Provo
Movies, TV, Books
  • Rachel is a California girl who's worked as a writer, researcher and editor around the world, from South Korea to the United Arab Emirates.
  • She's written entertainment and culture articles for Mic, feminist film analysis for BtchFlicks, and ghostwritten more than a few books on health and fitness, history, and astronomy.
  • A fanatical reader of science fiction and murder mysteries, Rachel is currently working on a few novels and short fiction pieces.


An avid lover of great stories, Rachel has been writing about films, tv and other media for roughly 15 years. She's written feature articles for Mic, specializing in celebrity news, TV reviews, and behind-the-scenes details for beloved films and series. For several years she worked for BtchFlicks, producing long-form pieces examining pop culture, entertainment, and films through a feminist lens. Rachel was also a researcher and editor for an assessment team, producing historical, scientific, and cultural articles for English exams. She joined Alb Media in 2022, bringing her love of pop culture trivia (and a mild obsession with Star Trek) to Xoop's entertainment articles.


Rachel has bachelor's and master's degrees from Brigham Young University, where she studied the intersections of modern American film and literature.
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