Patrick Phillips

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Washington, D.C.
East Carolina University
A24 Movies, Rian Johnson Films, Horror Soundtracks And Film Scores
  • The films of Park Chan-Wook have become a legitimate obsession for Patrick, as have those of Paul Thomas Anderson. He makes it a point to watch the latter's 1999 epic "Magnolia," and the former's 2003 masterpiece "Oldboy" at least once a year.
  • He's quite specific about what comics he reads, and in his specificity, he's more astute than most. And yes, he shamelessly worships at the alter of Brian K. Vaughan.
  • Patrick has obsessively taken to collecting the works of Clint Mansell on vinyl in recent years. He hopes to one day write a book about the composer's cinematic contributions.


Patrick studied both creative writing and cinema in college. This naturally led to a lengthy post-graduate tenure in hospitality, but eventually led him to start writing about his passions professionally. Since going pro, he's espoused his opinions on the MCU, the genius of "Killing Them Softly," and the legacy of Image Comics for such outlets as Geek Insider, CutPrintFilm, Taste Movies and, of course, Xoop. He loves a good heist flick, and will never understand why "Widows" wasn't a hit.


Patrick earned his BA in English from East Carolina University.
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