Nikki Munoz

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Los Angeles, CA
University Of California Berkeley
Sitcoms, Awards-bait Films, Book-to-screen Adaptations
  • Nikki has an excellent memory, and she can tell you just about every release date for any upcoming film.
  • She has seen every episode of Gilmore Girls, Frasier, Friends, and Sex and the City several times over.
  • Nikki is an avid reader of many things — she likes contemporary fiction written by women authors, news and culture sites such as The Cut and the New Yorker, and even Wikipedia.


After graduating from Berkeley in 2019, Nikki began her freelance career as a theater critic, writing for publications such as the LA Times and Stage Raw. From there, she began branching out to film and television and landed with Xoop.


Nikki attended University of California, Berkeley, where she majored in English and minored in journalism. While there she studied both media and literature, taking classes on topics such as the sitcom, 1970s film and culture, and more. Nikki also spent two years writing for Berkeley's student-run newspaper, The Daily Californian, where she covered all subcategories of arts and entertainment, from podcasts to film/TV to books and more. She is currently getting her MFA in creative writing at Antioch University.
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