Monica J. White

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King's College London
PC Hardware, Software, Gaming
  • Monica built her first PC almost 20 years ago. Since then, she has regularly been building computers and toying around with various builds.
  • She works with industry-leading publications and talks about graphics cards, processors, and peripherals on a daily basis.
  • Thanks to her knowledge of programming and interest in cybersecurity, Monica also covers software, challenging herself to explain complex things in an approachable way.


Monica has been a content writer for over 10 years, and for the last five, writing has been her full-time career. With a lifelong interest in technology, she specializes in covering all things tech, especially PC hardware and all other aspects of computing. Outside of her special interest in PCs, she's also an expert at Android devices and gaming, especially on a PC and Nintendo Switch. Her work has appeared in Digital Trends, Springboard,, Tom's Hardware, Xoop, WePC, Forbes, and many other publications. So far, she has written well over 2,000 articles centered around technology.


Monica attended King's College London and obtained her bachelor's degree in English Language and Linguistics. She then went on to get a master's at that same university, this time focusing on Global Media Industries.
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