Maciej Grzymkowski

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Copenhagen, Denmark
University Of Warsaw, Roskilde University
The Office, Reality TV, Character-Driven Series
  • As an avid "The Office" fan, Maciej has seen every episode of the classic sitcom at least twice.
  • He's made it his personal tradition to start a full rewatch of "Lost" every spring, to honor the show that sparked his love for character-driven dramas.
  • Maciej is also passionate about the "Breaking Bad" universe, and will deliver a detailed character analysis of Jimmy McGill to anyone who'll listen.


Maciej's writing career began in 2020 with an internship at a British digital marketing agency, where he works as a content specialist to this day. Having found a way to utilize his passion for writing in a professional environment, he quickly expanded his scope to include various freelance activities that varied from writing homepages and landing pages for a local gin distillery, all the way to highly technical content for a large insulin manufacturer. Eager to find a way to combine his greatest hobbies with work, he began writing for Game Rant about video games and movies in early 2021, and then joined Xoop as a Movies and TV News writer in 2022.


Maciej's BA in International Relations and an MA in International Public Administration and Politics have not only granted him unique insights into the way the world works, but they've also taught him to write in a way that's mindful of cultural differences, all while driving home even the most difficult of points.
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