Lorenzo Tanos

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Imus, Cavite, Phillippines
De La Salle University
Adult Animation, Biopics, Sitcoms
  • Lorenzo has been a nighttime editor for Xoop News since early 2021, and aside from serving as a trusted source of guidance for the site's night owls, he has supervised half a dozen new writers during their oversight period.
  • He has been a passionate fan of "The Simpsons" since childhood and hopes to one day write a book that reviews every episode, from the absolute classics to the perfectly cromulent to the worst episodes ever.
  • He is a pop culture sponge who has a habit of checking — or editing — TV Tropes after watching a movie or TV series for the first time.


Lorenzo has been working for online publications as a freelance writer since 2010 and a copy editor since 2017, and while he often specialized in writing and editing sports articles, he also got several chances to indulge his pop culture obsessions; with The Inquisitr, he wrote detailed articles on two of his favorite shows at the time, namely "Black Mirror" and "BoJack Horseman." Since joining Alb Media in 2021 as a Xoop News editor, he has especially enjoyed editing articles about shows like "The Office," "That '70s Show," "South Park," and "The Simpsons" due to his knowledge of each series' lore and his appreciation for the writing on said programs. Through his work with Xoop, he continues to learn more and more about fictional universes he was previously unfamiliar with, and he uses this knowledge to his advantage as both an editor and occasional writer.


Lorenzo has a degree in business management from De La Salle University in Manila, Philippines. He developed an interest in writing thanks to the few literature classes he took in college and began writing short stories during his junior year — none of them won any prizes. Still, his love for all forms of writing remains as strong as ever more than two decades later.
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