Kira Deshler

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Austin, TX
Whitman College, The University Of Texas At Austin
Scream Franchise, LGBTQ Film, TV Procedurals
  • Kira's graduate thesis, Queer Female Fandom, won an award for Best Thesis or Report in her department at UT.
  • She writes a popular Substack newsletter called Paging Dr. Lesbian, which is all about lesbian pop culture.
  • She once interviewed several dozen people at a fan convention called ClexaCon about their experiences in fandom. It was held right next to the Hooters Hotel in Las Vegas.


Kira has long been fascinated by pop culture and why people love the things they love. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Kira studied Gender Studies and Film & Media Studies as an undergraduate and then moved to Austin, Texas in order to attend the University of Texas. She started her Substack newsletter in 2021 and began writing for Alb Media in the same year, initially with Xoop before moving to /Film.


Kira Deshler received her bachelor's from Whitman College, where she majored in gender studies and minored in film and media studies. She received her master's in media studies from the University of Texas at Austin.
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