Kim Bell

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Milwaukee, WI
Bates College, The University Of Montana (Missoula)
Epic Narrative, Ancient And Medieval Mythology And Folklore, Horror
  • Kim taught Creative Nonfiction and The Argument in Writing at The University of Montana.
  • From 2012-2014 she served as the CNF editor at Cutbank Magazine.
  • She's been a staff member at The Kettlepond Writers Conference since 2019.


Kim has been writing for Xoop since the summer of 2021. She has a background in acting, academia, the beer and service industries, marketing, and copywriting. She was integral in establishing and provides ongoing editorial support for platforms that promote authentic connection through personal narrative and open discourse, including The Ampliverse and Interwovxn. She is currently working on a collection of illustrated essays that explore grief, mortality, and living with cancer — and representations thereof in film and television — through the lens of humor. Her research and academic interests center on storytelling as a biological imperative and the evolution of genre and medium as they relate to human psychology and social conflict, progress, and regress; consequently, she watches a lot of TV about (or inspired by) the far distant past and potential future.


Kim has B.A. in English from Bates College and an M.F.A. in Creative Nonfiction from The University of Montana.
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