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Minneapolis, Minnesota
Columbia College Chicago
Vegan Cooking And Baking, Plant-based Cooking For Families, Regional And Local Finds
  • Jennifer has driven four hours for one slice of pie.
  • She managed to survive a trip to the remote Aran Islands as a vegetarian.
  • While living in Chicago, she made a point to try every restaurant recommended to her.


In 2022, Jennifer began working for Alb Media as a news writer, in which several of her articles have been used as Wikipedia references. She first began writing short stories and poetry when she was a child, earning the admiration of friends and family with her ability to vividly and metaphorically capture her thoughts and feelings on paper. As an adult, she looked for stories everywhere. She wrote about fashion for Glam Boulevard, the best travel spots for Matador Travel, and the gadgets and bat cape from "Batman Begins" for Stumped Film magazine. Jennifer has talked with the lost boys of Sudan to bring their story to the public and interviewed Lance Trumbull about the Everest Peace Project.


Jennifer began Columbia College majoring in fiction writing, but when her professor and Chicago Tribune opinion writer Dodie Hofstetter suggested she use her skills towards opinion writing, she switched her focus. After an internship at a film magazine, she graduated with a B.A. in journalism.
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