Jason Connolly

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New York, United States
Syracuse University
A Song Of Ice And Fire, Adult Swim, Harry Potter
  • Jason was inducted into the International English Honor Society (Sigma Tau Delta) while attending Syracuse University, as well as the professional cinema society Delta Kappa Alpha.
  • An avid fan of all things film and television, Jason goes out of his way to attend one film festival every year — local or otherwise.
  • Jason wrote for the Daily Orange newspaper throughout college, specifically as the lead columnist for the "Screen Time" column, which dealt with film and television news.


Fresh out of college and hitting the ground running, Jason got some hands-on experience in television: working as a production assistant for the first season of HBO's "The Gilded Age." Following that, he began writing for Xoop in October 2021, and has since written hundreds of articles about the entertainment industry at large. He's also worked with the Syracuse-based production company American High, writing script coverage as a member of their readers team during his sophomore and senior years of college. Jason lives and breathes film and television, and has extensive experience writing both professionally and academically.


Jason earned a B.A. from Syracuse University, majoring in English and Textual Studies as well as Television, Radio and Film. When he wasn't writing analytic papers about the entertainment industry or writing and directing his own short films for class, he was covering entertainment news for the school newspaper or delivering script coverage for American High.
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