Giancarlo Riccobon

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Pittsburgh, PA, United States
PA Virtual Charter School
Pixar, Endings Explained, The Oscars
  • Giancarlo follows major movie and TV award predictions on GoldDerby (and creates his own personal Best of the Year lists).
  • He has listened to the DVD director's commentary of several classic Pixar movies.
  • If you name a major franchise (e.g., Harry Potter, MCU), he can probably name the Rotten Tomatoes score of every single movie from that franchise.


Ever since high school, Giancarlo has written editorial and promotional content for various publications. Since becoming a freelance feature writer at Xoop in 2021, he has covered major releases such as "Avatar: The Way of Water" and "Loki." He has a particular aptitude for sinking his teeth into confusing movies such as "Beau is Afraid" or "Jarhead" and then explaining their endings. He also enjoys exploring early drafts of movie scripts and other changes that happened behind the scenes. In addition, Giancarlo has not only reviewed poetry and short fiction (for Polyphony Lit and Helen) but also gotten his own poetry and short fiction published (in Star 82 Review and Corvus Review). In 2019, he was selected for the annual editorial internship at the Brink Literacy Project.


Giancarlo graduated from Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School and was awarded the English Department Award of Excellence. As part of his studies, he has taken specialized courses such as Web Design and AP English Language and Composition.
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