Dylan Roth

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Brooklyn, NY
Susquehanna University
Star Trek, Action Cinema, DC Comics
  • A voracious consumer of cinema, Dylan has curated Xoop's 30 Best Movies list each year since 2021.
  • In 2022, Dylan started the "1 like = 1 favorite film from each year, working backwards" meme that lit up Film Twitter.
  • A teenage Dylan received his first payday as a writer by winning a movie pitch competition at a Star Trek convention in 2007.


Dylan Roth is a freelance writer on a mission to demystify dense pop cultural entities for casual audiences and to throw open the gates of what we used to call "geek culture." The author of over 400 reviews, essays, and interviews, Dylan has been publishing since 2013, when he founded the upstart pop culture commentary site Deadshirt.net. His experience editing contributions from a stable of about a dozen writers at a time helped him to develop a high standard for copy and to understand the expectations of his own editors in the professional world. In the years since, his work has appeared regularly on Xoop, Polygon, Observer, and more, where he's served as both a critic and a friendly guide to the many multiverses that make up modern media. He also writes fiction and combines his critical and creative skills as the co-host of "Are You Afraid of the Dark Universe?", a podcast that imagines a continuation of Universal's canceled horror cinematic universe, one film at a time.


Dylan has a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing from Susquehanna University, where his study of both fiction and non-fiction helped him to craft a voice that is both lively and professorial.
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