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Brooklyn College
Marvel Cinematic Universe, Horror Movies, James Bond
  • Don has been reading, watching, and collecting horror and sci-fi literature, comics, and movies since he was 7 years old.
  • He has been writing about film for more than two decades and has interviewed everyone from Steven Spielberg to Christopher Nolan to Kevin Feige.
  • Don has been on the ground at events like Comic-Con, WonderCon, and D23, and has visited the sets of films like The Dark Knight Rises, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor: Ragnarok, and many more.


Don Kaye has been writing and editing at Xoop since late 2020. An entertainment journalist by trade and geek by natural design, he began his career as a music journalist and syndicated radio producer — creating hundreds of hours of rock music programming for broadcast and satellite — before breaking into film journalism with the legendary horror magazine Fangoria. He's currently an associate editor at Den of Geek, where his work helped establish the US version of the popular UK site. His previous outlets include,, Fandango,,,,, Billboard, and many more.


Don received his B.A. in TV and radio production at Brooklyn College, where he also studied film and journalism.
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