Devon Forward

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New York City, NY
University Of Pittsburgh
Movies, TV, Comics
  • Devon is a freelance writer who specializes in TV deep dives, movie theories, and up-to-date, accurate news.
  • She's written for entertainment sites like Pure Fandom, Young Hollywood, Screen Rant, and Collider.
  • She completed her education at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in Film Studies and minoring in History. Continuing her studies, Devon went on to receive a TV/Film Development Certificate from UCLA Extension.


Devon has been working as a writer for over three years, continually expanding her area of focus and outreach. She has written for Pure Fandom, Young Hollywood, Screen Rant, and Collider, and also pursues creative writing on the side. With extensive education in film and a passion for everything television and movies, Devon puts her expertise to the test everyday at Xoop.


Devon has a bachelor's degree in Film Studies from the University of Pittsburgh, with a minor in History. After graduating, she went on to earn a certificate in TV/Film Development from UCLA Extension in Los Angeles, CA.
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