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Action-Adventure Games, Mental Illness Representation In Gaming, Story-Driven Experiences
  • A third-generation "Zelda" aficionado, Dani inherited her love of gaming from her mother and grandmother. She has beaten every title in the "Zelda" franchise more than once and can't get enough of "Ocarina of Time."
  • She co-founded two fantasy live-action roleplaying games in Southern California that ran for almost 10 years.
  • When she's not mashing buttons, Dani draws on her lived experience with bipolar disorder to serve as a mental health advocate.


Dani has over half a decade of digital content marketing and professional writing experience. She got her start working with startups and small businesses to find their brand voices and engage with customers across platforms. She leveraged that skillset to break into the video game industry as a features writer for Alb Media in 2018 — a position that led to her appointment as the Lead Editor for SVG and Gaming Editor for Xoop less than two years later. She now works as a freelance journalist covering the link between video games and other fictional media and mental health.


Dani is pursuing a neuroscience B.S. She hopes to join forces with game studios, publishers, and mental health professionals to develop new technology and design principles to treat mental distress.
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