Cynthia Griffith

Photo of Cynthia Griffith
Chester City, PA
Temple University
Ocean Oddities, Prehistoric Creatures, Strange Weather Phenomenon
  • Cynthia signed a development deal with Geffen records in 2001 and has worked with several platinum-selling musical artists.
  • She was a featured poet at the Soul Cafe and the Black Lilly.
  • Her work has been posted by major news publications like US News & World Report, the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, and Invisible People.


Cynthia Griffith has been exploring the oddities of Earth and space through literature for seven years. A self described adventure nerd, she possesses a passion for wacky space facts and a near-encyclopedic knowledge of pre-historic Earth creatures. Cynthia's work has been featured in Ranker, The Richest, US News & World Report, Invisible People, Mapquest Travel, CareerAddict, ModernChic Magazine, The Independent Publishing Magazine, Young Upstarts, Poise & Purpose, and many more. Cynthia is an award-winning poet always seeking to expand her horizons.


Cynthia studied Latin American Studies at Temple University and was an exchange student in Merida, Mexico. The experience opened the floodgates of global and cultural exploration for her.
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