Curtis Harding

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New York, NY
Gettysburg College
TV, Movies, Comics
  • Curtis has spent 13 years writing, editing, and covering the entertainment industry in nearly all its forms.
  • He previously wrote for Soaps In Depth Magazine and currently contributes features to
  • He not only reads massive amounts of comic books, he's also studied the industry itself, from its inception and near-collapse, to all the ups and downs of the business of super heroes over the decades.


Curtis has been writing professionally about television for well over a decade, starting out as an associate editor for the now-defunct Soaps In Depth magazine. During his time there, he covered not only daytime television, but also primetime shows, film festivals, the early days of online TV, comic books, and even New York Comic-Con. In fact, figuring out how to make his geeky obsessions work in a soap opera magazine is a particular point of pride. He joined Xoop as a features writer in 2021, deciding it was time to fully merge all his super powers — his writing experience, his love of pop culture, and his unabashed geekiness — into one all-encompassing package.


Curtis has a bachelor's degree from Gettysburg College, a small liberal arts school smack in the middle of a hugely important historical site.
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