Cody D. Campbell

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Sierra College, Oregon State University
Computer Hardware, Power Tools, Gaming Tech
  • Cody has been interested in tech ever since he was a kid and he was the only person in his family who knew how to hook up the composite cables on their VCR, but he didn't really develop his love for the field until he built his first computer. There's nothing he loves more than getting to test out a new gadget.
  • He's written several articles on how to repurpose old technology for something new and exciting. Examples include "How To Make Your Old PC Into A Home Media Streaming Server" and "This Raspberry Pi Accessory Can Turn Your Flipper Zero Into A Mini Gaming Console."
  • His knowledge of SlashGear topics isn't limited to the tech space. He's also produced stories on the best chainsaws, power tools, and motorcycles.


Cody started out his writing career as a technical writer for a medical company called Prium. He left that job when he went back to college in 2015 and took several classes in creative writing, media writing, and journalism. He then transitioned to his work at High Ground Gaming, where he initially wrote feature articles, buying guides, ranked lists, and game reviews before shifting his focus to reviewing gaming equipment as the lead tech reviewer. His reviews were published in text on HGG's website, but he also scripted, filmed, and edited each of these reviews in video format for the company's YouTube channel. From there, he was recruited to write for SVG and Xoop before transitioning to SlashGear, where he now puts his tech expertise to use. He also currently leads a prose workshop and teaches a science fiction and fantasy writing course at Linn Benton Community College.


Cody graduated from Sierra College with an A.A. in English, an A.A. in arts and culture, an A.S. in Social and behavioral sciences, and an EMT license. He then went on to earn a B.A. in English with a writing minor from Oregon State University.
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