Claire Mulkerin

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Tucson, AZ
University Of Arizona
Arthouse Movies, Animation, Lesbian Romances
  • Claire has written countless features articles for Xoop over the years, including some which are now used within the company as examples to teach new writers the Xoop house style.
  • Her 2022 horror-comedy videogame "Apocryphauna," created as part of the Indiepocalypse collection, has received universal praise, including a glowing review from the website Unwinnable.
  • In 2016, she even tried her hand at filmmaking herself, helping to produce the independent short film "Hotel Arizona."


Claire Mulkerin started working as a freelance writer working for Xoop in 2019. She's also a podcaster, spending five years as a panelist on the pop culture debate podcast "Smash Fiction," and she's still a frequent contributor to numerous pop culture and comedy podcasts such as "Hard Choices" and "Garden Plots With Skeletor." She also does writing and illustration for independent videogames. She created "Heartfire," a synthwave pixel art shooter about gay dragons in space, and she helped write the script for "Apolysis," which was featured in the "Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021," a critically acclaimed collection of indie horror games.


Claire attended the University of Arizona, where she studied art, art history, and writing, and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Communication, with a focus in illustration
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