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Djursholms Samskola, Gustavus Adolphus College, University Of South Dakota, University Of Nebraska-Lincoln
Star Wars, One Chicago, Classic Fantasy And Science Fiction
  • Christian has worked both in-house and as a freelance writer for the entertainment industry for several decades
  • He wrote the direct-to-video script for "The Making of Mickey's Christmas Carol," which is a bonus featurette on the home video release of the Oscar-nominated "Mickey's Christmas Carol."
  • The first novel he published is endorsed by Dr. Temple Grandin.


Christian's post-college writing career began as a copywriter at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank where he learned the art of boiling an hour-and-a-half film down into a 250-word back-of-the-video-box synopsis. After several years at Disney, he went out on his own to became a full-time freelance marketing writer for companies including Disney, Universal, Paramount, Warner Bros., National Geographic, Time-Life Video, A&E, Saban/FoxKids, Hallmark, Buena Vista Games, THQ games, and others. Subsequently, he wrote treatments and scripts for a number of half-hour, animated and live-action fantasy and science fiction TV shows for teens, tweens, and younger kids for Warner Bros., Saban, Hallmark, and others. Following the loss of his home in one of L.A.'s periodic wildfires, he bought a small farm in the Midwest, where he continues to freelance for the entertainment industry and rehab rescued horses. It was here that he wrote his first novels. His Zenn Scarlett books feature a novice exoveterinarian learning to treat large, dangerous alien animals and are published by Angry Robot Books in the UK and distributed in North America by Penguin Random House.


Christian's educational background includes studying at Djursholms Samskola in Djursholm Sweden during his year abroad as a foreign exchange student with the American Field Service. Following that, he studied journalism, creative writing and theater at Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota and the University of South Dakota. During his senior year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he won three creative writing contests for fiction, poetry and non-fiction before graduating with a B.A degree in Journalism.
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