Chris Hodges

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Iowa, United States
Northeast Iowa Community College, Arizona State University
The Simpsons, Indie Movies, Star Trek
  • Chris was an editor for the pop culture publication CBR, where he oversaw a team of over 20 writers.
  • He used to have an entire bookcase of fully labeled and meticulously cataloged VHS tapes of "The Simpsons," "Star Trek TNG," and "SNL" episodes.
  • While his heart will always belong to '80s and '90s pop culture, he still keeps up with and enjoys modern film and television.


Chris joined Alb Media in April 2022, where he has been primarily writing movie and television articles for Xoop. He started his own video game blog in the early 2010s, that eventually grew to over 5,000 monthly views through his self-promotion efforts. He then started working for Valnet in 2013, where he went on to write for the brands ScreenRant, TheGamer, TheThings, and The Talko, finally becoming an editor and update lead for CBR.


Chris attended Northeast Iowa Community College, where he earned his Associate of Arts degree in communications, winning an award for a short sci-fi story he wrote while he was there. He followed that up with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Arizona State University in 2021.
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