Brooke Mondor

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Brookhaven College, University Of North Texas
Friends, Book-to-Screen Adaptations, Futurama
  • Brooke has worked on two short film sets, first as an assistant production designer and then as an assistant producer.
  • During her free time she reads film and TV scripts.
  • She's rewatched "Futurama" more times than she can count, but she always skips over ​​Jurassic Bark (IYKYK).


Brooke joined Xoop as a freelance news writer in 2021 and then pivoted to editing a few months after that. Aside from editing for Xoop, Brooke is interning at a New York-based literary agency to learn more about the ins and outs of publishing so she can further advocate for great storytelling. In college, Brooke spent a semester writing jokes and sketches for Late Night at North Texas before being promoted to content producer, where she managed the team of writers and helped run the show. During school, she also completed a writing internship for Study Breaks and wrote about everything from education to celebrity relationships. Since graduating in late 2019, Brooke has written film analysis for Screen Queens, pop culture articles for Girl Soup, and SEO content for a boutique agency.


Brooke obtained her Associate of Arts degree from Brookhaven College before heading to the University of North Texas for her bachelor's in media arts (radio, TV, and film) with a philosophy minor. Her courses mainly focused on screenwriting, film theory, and production.
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