Bill Bria

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Los Angeles, CA
Fairfield University
The Halloween Franchise, Classic Comedies, Auteur Filmmakers
  • Bill is an actor, comedian, songwriter, music producer and performer with numerous years of experience. He's been a member of SAG-AFTRA since 2010 and has been and continues to be involved with multiple levels of entertainment production.
  • A writer of several produced one-act plays as well as a completed TV pilot script and a feature screenplay, Bill has been involved with storytelling from multiple angles.
  • Bill has multiple personal connections to people active in the film and television industries today, friendships that also allow him to build a quick and easy rapport when conducting interviews with such artists as David Harbour, John Leguizamo, and Tony Kushner.


Bill has been writing longform essays on cinema on a regular basis for nearly a decade. Delving into as many genres and time periods across the existence of cinema as possible, he has honed his unique perspective on the past and present of filmmaking into one that attempts to encapsulate the totality of the medium. With bylines at /Film, Polygon, Crooked Marquee, Vague Visages, Bloody Disgusting, Daily Grindhouse, and The Quietus, Bill has established himself as an insightful and well-researched historian of cinema, and is adding daily news desk pieces to his continuous rotation to keep readers informed on the latest happenings in film as well as its history.


Bill has a Bachelor's Degree in the Visual and Performing Arts with a concentration on both Theatre and Film.
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