Andrew Ihla

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Tucson, AZ
David Lynch, Retro EPCOT, Classic Muppets
  • Andrew has been submerged in movies since seeing "Jaws" at far too young an age and becoming obsessed with the shark robot.
  • A lifelong fascination with animation and puppetry led Andrew to create the webseries "Obsidian National Forest" and "Quantum Pavilion."
  • Andrew is known among friends for launching into long diatribes about things like aspect ratios and matte paintings, whether anyone asked to hear about them or not.


After watching way too many movies as a child and coming of age in the era of DVD documentaries and commentaries, it was always clear that Andrew's field of expertise would be film, from how it's made to how we watch it. With a wide range of interests in everything from "WandaVision" to Werner Herzog, Andrew brings insight and observation to a variety of Alb Media content, having served as a writer and editor in a number of departments since joining Xoop in 2018. Previous career highlights include a summer spent recapping "Twin Peaks: The Return" for Talk Film Society, collaborating on a number of comic anthologies, and writing a high school newspaper op-ed that really got the student body talking about why widescreen DVDs were better than pan-and-scan DVDs.
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