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Appalachian State University
Movies, TV
  • Andrew is a senior script editor at Alb Media.
  • Twelve years of professional writing experience have seen Andrew on assignment around the world. He's previously written hundreds of pop culture and movie pieces for MoviePilot, Listverse, Distractify, and others, as well as breaking news for outlets like Consumer Press.
  • Andrew is a published fiction author, with nonfiction expertise extending from film and television to cuisine, zymurgy, horticulture, and health sciences.


Andrew has been a full-time writer for over a decade, with a career that transitioned from marketing copy and website management to feature-based writing on diverse subjects such as pop culture, science/tech, travel, and history. Based in the U.S., he's also covered assignments internationally in Belgium and Costa Rica. In 2013, he brought his talents to the senior editing staff at, later moving up to lead manager of the brand's social media presence. He joined the family at Alb Media as a freelance feature writer for Xoop in 2016 before transitioning to feature editor, video quality review, and finally the YouTube script team, crafting video scripts for all the Alb Media brands. Andrew became a full-time senior scripter at Static in 2019. He works daily with a team creating original, top-quality videos about hot topics and the latest film releases, along with curated scripts for brand partnerships with Netflix and Sony. Andrew is also a novelist. His published work includes two sci-fi adventure novels, "Son of Tesla" and "Mind of Tesla," and a sci-fi horror serial, "Heartland Junk," under the pseudonym Eli Nixon. In nonfiction, his aquaponic gardening guide became a #1 Amazon Bestseller in its category when it was released.


Andrew studied journalism and fine art at Appalachian State University.
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