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Michigan State University
Movies, Pop Culture, Harry Potter
  • Aly wrote for Study Breaks Magazine in 2022 and covered topics circling upcoming films, tropes in TV, and other entertainment-related subjects.
  • She was in the writing club "Just Write" during her undergrad years and also entered a department-issued Creative Writing Contest where she was nominated as a Creative Writing Awards finalist twice.
  • Her love of film pushed her to take film classes, so she has not only a specialization in screenwriting but also a deep respect for the works of Stanley Kubrick.


Aly has wanted to be a writer since a very young age, and that passion led her to fill eight composition books cover to cover growing up. A recent college graduate, she continues that love by working as a freelancer for Word Agents, researching a myriad of topics on a daily basis while finishing up her first novel outside of working hours. Aly also has an intense love for movies; in 2019, she went to the movies 36 times and loves reading and talking about recent films with anyone who will listen. Her friends and family often refer to her as a 'nerd' for her admiration of Star Wars, Spider-Man, and Harry Potter. She has just started working at Xoop and is excited to put her so-called 'nerdiness' to good use.


Aly received her English degree with a Creative Writing concentration from Michigan State University. The university's broad variety of English classes allowed her to branch out and pursue writing in other fields, such as within the film industry and in publishing.
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