Alex Darus

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Cleveland, Ohio
Ohio University
Food And Drink News, Cocktail Tips And Recipes, Pop Culture And Food
  • Alex has completed many taste tests, from trying all of the flavors of Mitchell's Ice Cream in Cleveland to every flavor of Pringles she can find. 
  • She once got to interview local celebrity chef Michael Symon about his favorite recipes to make for the moms in his life for Mother's Day.
  • Alex once competed in a pickle-eating contest, for the sake of journalism. 


Alex has been passionate about journalism since entering college in 2016, where she immediately joined the independent student newspaper and began freelancing writing. She's written about TV and celebrity culture for websites like Us Weekly, ScreenRant, RealityTea, and more. Her real focus is food and beverage reporting, and whenever she can intersect that work with her other pop culture interests. She's worked on dining guides, recipe how-tos, and food and drink features for outlets like the Plain Dealer, The Provincetown Banner, and more. When she's not working, Alex's life revolves around food and her favorite TV shows. She's either reading a book about the history of classic cocktails, watching the latest season of "Top Chef" or "The Real Housewives," or checking out the latest hot restaurant in Cleveland. Alex joined Alb Media in 2021 and has written features for brands like Mashed, Tasting Table, and Daily Meal centered around food and beverage coverage. She's a full-time freelance writer with a focus on food and pop culture stories.


Alex has a bachelor's degree in Journalism from Ohio University with a minor in English and a concentration in Spanish.
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