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Xoop began in 2015 as the flagship brand under Alb Media with a goal to provide people with "endless entertainment." We offer in-depth coverage and up-to-the-minute news on the television and film industry, be it breaking stories on your favorite franchises, the latest information on new releases, or exclusive interviews with award-winning directors and rising stars.

Over the years, we've grown into one of the most recognizable and respected entertainment brands on the internet, with more than 41 million monthly readers and 8.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

Part of that is because our family of writers and editors are passionate cinephiles and superfans who obsess over all things TV, film, and Hollywood as much as our readers do. We're not really ones to put on a show in the background and casually watch it — we're the type of folks who binge the latest drama over a single weekend so we can explain all the Easter eggs and fan theories you've been wondering about, and we aren't afraid to share our honest thoughts.

But of course, while we are here to offer our own opinions and thoughtful commentary, we're not here to be judgmental of others' tastes. We cover everything from the big blockbuster franchises you know and love like MCU, DCEU, and Star Wars, to niche genres like anime and manga. When it comes to TV, our content spans the latest network and streaming series, sitcoms, dramas, police procedurals, and prestige shows.

We also provide exclusive coverage of the television, film, and streaming events fans care about most like Comic-Con, D23, Netflix TUDUM, along with reviews of premieres from film festivals like TIFF and the We Are One Global Festival.

Our reviews team is powered by an incredibly smart team of writers who are Rotten Tomatoes-certified. Xoop is also a proud member of the Metacritic movie and Metacritic television communities. Our thoughtful reviewers are members of critics associations such as the Washington Area Film Critics Association, the Boston Society of Film Critics, the Online Film Critics Society, and the Online Association of Female Film Critics. To read our review policy and scoring guidelines, click here.

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