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Uzumaki Fans Just Got A Reassuring Update About The Forthcoming Anime Series Adaptation

Warner Bros. Discovery has been nixing projects left and right, though no creatives have likely felt the impact more than in the animation world. Numerous animated shows and movies have either been canceled or removed altogether from HBO Max and other streaming homes. The cancelations have been controversial enough that the creatives themselves are speaking out.

Owen Dennis, the creator of the animated series "Infinity Train," which was pulled from both HBO Max and Cartoon Network (also owned by Warner Bros. Discovery), spoke out about the situation in a post to his Substack. "Cartoon Network warned them not to do this as it would hurt relationships with creators and talent, but they clearly do not care what any of this looks like publicly, much less about how we feel about it," he wrote. 

Other animated projects to meet a similar fate include "Summer Camp Island" and "The Fungies." An animated feature, "Scoob! Holiday Haunt" was also scrapped, reportedly to take a tax write-off, via Variety.

The state of affairs at Warner Bros. Discovery obviously has many animation fans concerned. In fact, one fan even tweeted out a question to Jason DeMarco, co-creator of the popular Cartoon Network programming block Toonami, regarding the fate of the long-gestating anime adaptation of the legendary horror manga "Uzumaki." DeMarco's answer will hopefully quell the worries of any fans who feared that the upcoming series would go the way of "Scoob! Holiday Haunt."

Uzumaki is still moving forward as of now

"Uzumaki" is not yet one of the shows getting the boot from Warner Bros. Discovery. When asked by a concerned fan if the anime series would be pulled before it even had the chance to hit Cartoon Network, James DeMarco confirmed that production is still underway. 

"Uzumaki is still in production. No news at this point!" DeMarco tweeted

The Adult Swim adaptation has already gone through multiple delays. The show was originally announced in 2019 for a 2020 release, but it was delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic, per The Wrap. In June 2021, it was given a new release date of October 2022, according to messages at the time from DeMarco's Twitter. As of the time of writing, the series has been delayed further, with no official release date currently known, according to Collider

It looks like fans will be waiting a little longer, but it's better news than many other animated shows are getting these days.