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Things The New Batman V Superman Trailer Just Revealed

The final trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has emerged from the Warner Bros. vaults, and it's granted us more new footage than we've seen in a while. No, we still haven't caught a glimpse of Aquaman, The Flash, or anyone else who's rumored to be dropping in, but the newest tender morsels of information about Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are just enough to tide us over until we can finally get the full scoop in theaters. So, what did the final official trailer reveal to us?

Alfred is awesome

This trailer is the first time that we really get to see the friendly interaction between Batman and his beloved butler and caretaker, Alfred, played by Jeremy Irons. It's already apparent that Alfred thinks that Bruce Wayne's costumed superheroics are a little ridiculous, but he's along for the crazy ride anyhow, because that's what you do when your boss is a billionaire. After only this brief interaction, it seems like the always-contentious Bruce Wayne might have an enriching bro-lationship in his life after all.

The Batcomputer

With this trailer, we catch a glimpse of the fabled Batcomputer, legendary for its processing speed, ability to pinpoint crime throughout Gotham, and still run a solid game of Minesweeper at 60 FPS. Alfred is using the Batcomputer to pilot the new Batplane remotely, from the safety of the Batcave, because you can never have enough nouns with the word "bat" slapped in front of them. The computer bears a striking similarity to a setup that a high-end animator might use, so at least they're keeping it within the realm of possibility. Hope he's not stuck with Comcast.

A gun

Fan suspicion surrounding earlier trailer scenes has been proven correct, and Batman does indeed fire a gun at Superman in this new trailer. Sorry, nerds, that gun-looking thing isn't some kind of weird grappling gun, or even what Batman uses to take his Bat-sulin. The "no gun" rule that defines Batman might not apply when this Dark Knight is fighting non-humans, or especially dangerous aliens, or maybe he just hasn't written that into the rulebook yet. Either way, prepare for a Batman like we rarely see him: doing exactly what he did when he first appeared in comics.


It probably wouldn't be a Batman film without a completely unnecessary romantic subplot tossed in. While we see Clark Kent hopping into a hipster bathtub with his girlfriend for some reason, we also get to see Bruce Wayne flirting with Wonder Woman's civilian identity at a party. Whether or not he knows that this lady is also a super-powered fighting chick is buried between the plot and Batman's detective skills, or his simple ability to recognize faces like a normal human being. Regardless, it's now obvious that playboy Wayne probably wants a piece of Amazonian action.

Darkseid is coming

While it might not be a totally new reveal, as certain shots from this trailer were already shown in magazine form, this is the first time we're seeing Darkseid's sigil in an actual trailer, carved into the ground near a desolate city with enormous techno-structures in the distance. Is Batman really having a vision, is this actually happening somewhere on Earth, or has he been transported to Darkseid's home planet of Apokolips? We also see Batman's capture by mysterious forces in the desert, as well as some really Parademon-looking guys flying around. Smart money's on Superman's soldiers and the demons all being a nightmare, even though a prophetic Batman would be kinda weird.


Is it too early to say that Dawn of Justice already has some of the best Batman fighting scenes in all of Bat-history? The seamless flow of Batman fighting his way through a small army of criminals is incredibly satisfying, not unlike the mechanics in the trilogy of Rocksteady video games. Have filmmakers finally captured Batman's fighting style perfectly? The dude can punch a guy so hard that he goes into a headstand, which is completely absurd, but also perfectly in tune with the hyperbole of comics, and there's something great about that.


Aside from just standing there with a magical shield, this is also the first time we've seen Wonder Woman in real action, launching herself into a 50-foot horizontal leap at the enemy, because Amazons have thighs of steel. Superman's surreal acrobatics seem familiar, but Wonder Woman's legendary strength and agility, on the big screen for the first time, might take some getting used to. Here's hoping for more realistic Bat-fighting than this Crouching Tiger-style stuff.

The Batcave

Quick glimpses of structures from various trailers have never allowed it to be perfectly clear, but we finally get a very clear view of the Batcave, which unlike many of its fictional predecessors, is not a dank and drippy spelunker's nightmare. Instead, modern and wealthy Bruce Wayne keeps a pretty classy two-level subterranean crimefighting lab, complete with covered Batvehicles, well-lit walkways, a dock for a Batboat, and a fancy Superman-fighting suit in plain view. It's fancy digs for a fancy man who doesn't seem too conflicted about his secret identity.