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Ezra Miller Reportedly Played Damage Control During Pivotal Warner Bros. Meeting About The Flash

Of the handful of upcoming DC Comics-based movies on the way, none have proven nearly as buzz-worthy as "The Flash." Directed by Andy Muschietti of "It" fame, the film will not only host the silver screen solo movie debut of the titular hero, but it will also feature the return of Michael Keaton as Batman alongside Ben Affleck's take on the Caped Crusader. Although, the reason the film has made so many headlines throughout 2022 has next to nothing to do with its contents. Rather, it almost entirely boils down to the shocking actions of its lead, Ezra Miller.

Miller's name has popped up in the news cycle numerous times this year, and not for any reasons worth celebrating. From a felony burglary in Vermont to a string of crimes in Hawaii, among a handful of other serious accusations, they've quickly fallen out of favor with the general public. In fact, many people firmly believe their actions should translate to "The Flash" being canceled outright, though Warner Bros. Discovery continues to weigh its options in that arena. As it turns out, the minds at the studio aren't the only ones attempting to iron things out.

Ezra Miller has reportedly attempted to play damage control during a meeting with Warner Bros. Discovery regarding the future of "The Flash."

Miller reportedly cares about The Flash and wants it to succeed

Amid the chaos currently happening on the Warner Bros. lot — including the "Batgirl" funeral screenings and yet another release date shuffle that impacts a few different projects — Ezra Miller and their CAA agent Scott Metzger met with company executives Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy. During this chat, they discussed what should become of "The Flash," Miller apologized for their actions and the damage they've done, and they went on to voice their support for the film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources claim Miller cares deeply about the movie and the character of the Flash.

Additionally, Miller reiterated in the August 26, 2022 meeting that they plan on seeking help for their mental health issues. Earlier in the month, they finally broke their silence on the various headlines they'd made in the previous weeks, vowing to get the help they need. "Having recently gone through a time of intense crisis, I now understand that I am suffering complex mental health issues and have begun ongoing treatment," they said in a statement, noting that they plan to course-correct and hope to get back to a better place in life in the future.

"The Flash" will release on June 23, 2023.