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Val Kilmer Reveals Whether He's Open To Playing Batman Again

The recent return of actor Val Kilmer in "Top Gun: Maverick" was beloved by most fans. It was even revealed that Tom Cruise refused to do the movie without him (via People). Kilmer had been an incredibly popular actor and leading man in the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s with his appearance in the first "Top Gun," "The Doors," "Heat," and "The Sain." It could even be argued that playing Tom "Iceman" Kazansky is still the role he's most famous for after all of these years, although Batman fans may beg to differ.

Each generation has their own favorite actor to play Batman depending on when they grew up, similar to the three Spider-Man actors. For some, it's Michael Keaton in 1989's "Batman," for those who grew up in the early 2000s, it's likely Christian Bale. However, there's a sweet spot for kids who grew up in the late '80s and early '90s, as some may say Val Kilmer is their Batman from his portrayal in 1995's "Batman Forever." Although the movie ended up receiving poor critical reviews (via Rotten Tomatoes), Jim Carrey's animated and enthusiastic performance as The Riddler and the introduction of the first live-action Robin (Chris O'Donnell) since Burt Ward makes this movie stand out in Batman's cinematic history.

Kilmer did not return to play Bruce Wayne in "Batman & Robin," but he did recently reveal whether or not he's open to returning to the role in the future.

Val Kilmer wants to play a version of Bruce Wayne/Batman again

According to a recent conversation that Kilmer had with IGN, the actor would be open to returning to the role of Bruce Wayne and Batman. The outlet asked, "Specifically, we now have multiple universes in comic book movies where actors who've played Batman or Spider-Man in the past team up with the current actor playing the role. Would you have any interest in playing Batman/Bruce Wayne again even in a cameo?" In response, Kilmer merely said, "Yea please." It seems that he would not only be open to playing the character again, but he actually wants to. Although, it's very unclear if this would ever happen, especially given the current state of the cancellations at Warner Bros. Discovery (via TVLine).

As most Batman fans know, Michael Keaton is set to appear as Batman again in 2023 during "The Flash," but he now won't appear in the "Batgirl" movie given its recent shelving. Ben Affleck will also appear in "The Flash" and now also in "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom," per an Instagram post from Jason Momoa. Robert Pattinson is still playing Bruce Wayne in the sequel to "The Batman" as well, which is currently being written (via The Hollywood Reporter). Although it would likely be great for many fans to see Kilmer as Batman once more, that'd certainly be a lot of Batmen all at once.