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Things You Might Have Missed In The Super Bowl TV Spots

We know what happened—you were watching the big game, got loaded up on beverages, and had to split to the bathroom during the commercial breaks. Perfectly acceptable, right? Wrong! While you were out hopefully taking that extra minute to wash your hands before returning back to the chips and dip, you may have missed some awesome movie trailers. Super Bowl 50 gave us all kinds of new TV spots and clips, as well as some surprise trailers. Let's hit the pause button and break down some interesting Easter eggs and small details you may have missed during these Super Bowl TV spots.

TMNT 2 - Dimension X attacks

There's no better time to grab for a slice of pizza than during Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2's big Super Bowl trailer. Unfortunately, while you were grabbing that slice, Splinter's boys were out saving the world. We see more of the Turtles' party van that has been retrofitted by Donatello from an old garbage truck. We also get to see Shredder threaten Bebop (played by WWE wrestler Sheamus) with a blade before Oroku Saki's crony gets mutated into a ginormous, bipedal warthog. We get more of Arrow star Stephen Amell's Casey Jones, who surprisingly doesn't have the character's big golf bag filled with sports-themed weaponry. Instead, he's just got a hockey stick, inline skates, and a puck he's slap-shotting at the bad guys.

More importantly, we get to see the big unveiling of Krang. Whether or not there'll be a single Krang or an army of them has yet to be seen, but we did get to see the new version of the Technodrome. Instead of being a giant underground base tunneling deep below the earth, this version of the Technodrome floats in the sky—indicating a serious threat from Dimension X. Best of all, the Krang we saw in the trailer has a giant humanoid robot shell that looks just as silly and awesome as it did in the 1980s cartoon series—it even has the same visor. Cowabunga!

Captain America: Civil War - Black Panther's claw

There's a lot of crazy stuff happening in the new Civil War trailer, so let's dive right into it. Stealing the show would have to be Tony Stark's new wristwatch-based Iron Man glove. As you can see, the watch has its own mini-Arc Reactor. While it's impressive that Stark was able to catch a bullet from Bucky's gun with it (and even more crazy that Buck went for the headshot on Tony at point blank range), we should expect that the glove has the capacity for shooting repulsor beams from its palm. This encounter is probably where Stark gets the black eye he is seen sporting throughout the rest of the trailer. Make sure you look closely at the red LED lights on the sides of the watch.

Bucky also appears to have his bionic arm modified, as it looks a bit different than what we saw during the second Captain America film. During the trailer's epic standoff scene, we notice a few new details. First of all, Ant-Man! Scott Lang has answered Falcon's call to join the Avengers (or half in this case), and he's sporting a new Ant-Man suit. While it looks similar to the previous one, that's definitely a new helmet—perhaps he can finally grow to large heights like the superhero does in the comics. If you look closely, Captain America's usually flawless shield now has a giant claw mark down it. This can only be the work of the Black Panther, as T'Challa has a suit and claws made of the same near-indestructible Vibranium material used to forge Cap's iconic red, white, and blue shield. Unfortunately, there are still no signs of Spider-Man, but we know he's going to play a role in the film somehow.

X-Men: Apocalypse - Mutant deathmatch

The Super Bowl TV spot for X-Men: Apocalypse features all kinds of mutant powers on display. In particular, we get our first look at Olivia Munn's Psylocke in action, as she is seen wielding both a katana and a psionic blade, using them to cut an automobile in half. There are a bunch of nuclear bombs launching, which could just be part of Jean Grey's doomsday visions, as this is X-Men, not Fallout. Most longtime comic book fans will cringe at Mystique leading the X-Men (which likely has more to do with the character being played by Jennifer Lawrence). Nevertheless, we see her being choked out by Apocalypse.

We also see James McAvoy standing up and punching Apocalypse, which is likely some kind of psychic power struggle going on in the minds of the two characters. Apocalypse's four horsemen will be played by normal mutants with increased powers who are brainwashed to do his bidding. So we get specific looks at Storm, Magneto, Psylocke, and Angel, who will eventually get metal, projectile-launching wings as Archangel. There's a split-second scene with Angel (prior to his Archangel transformation) fighting in what appears to be some kind of cage match against Nightcrawler. Perhaps this is a callback to Wolverine's debut in the original X-Men film. Let's just hope Cyclops ditches the shades in favor of his iconic visor.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Gotham v Metropolis

While we didn't exactly get a new trailer for Batman v Superman, we did get a few TV spots for it. These segments featured faux ads for Turkish Airlines' trips to Gotham and Metropolis. In the Gotham ad, we see Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne in the public eye as he leads the commercial, telling us of all the happenings and sights to see in Gotham. The Gotham landscape is filled with skyscrapers and an ominous Ace Chemicals factory sign. Fans of the Joker should recognize this company, as it is likely the backdrop where we saw Mr. J and Harley Quinn going swimming in the Suicide Squad trailer. The Opera House is a nice callback to Batman Begins, but this version of the Caped Crusader will have Thomas and Martha Wayne dying after watching a Zorro flick at the movie theater back when Bruce was a young boy.

As you'd expect, the Metropolis commercial features a lot more sunlight. The "City Reborn" tagline indicates that Metropolis has rebuilt most of the buildings lost in Man of Steel. Unlike Gotham, Metropolis openly praises its hero, as there's a grand statue for Superman in the city and people grin as they see him fly. Of course, Lex Luthor takes center stage as Lexcorp's leading financial figure that brings the city back from financial ruin. It's a little tough to tell by the TV spots, but Turkish Airlines' website indicates that Gotham and Metropolis are actually right next to each other on the map.

Independence Day: Resurgence - Ultron loves it

This new trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence gives us a look at the alien threat's return to Earth, which happens two decades after the original blockbuster film. The clip showcases the new alien ships, which have a sleeker design compared to the extraterrestrial vessels from before. Likewise, we get to see that Earth's technology has increased as well. If you blink, you may actually miss a solid shot of Jesse Usher as Dylan Dubrow, the now grownup son of Jasmine Dubrow (played by Vivica A. Fox) and stepson of Captain Steven Hiller (Will Smith, who is absent from this sequel). Dylan appears to have followed in his stepfather's footsteps as a fighter pilot.

Returning from the original, we have Lone Starr himself, Bill Pullman, as the President. This time, he's sporting a white, fluffy beard and looks a lot like the bad guy from the first Iron Man movie, which is awesome. Of course, we need a Jeff Goldblum quote, which is ever-appropriate for this one. Last time, the aliens used an energy beam to obliterate most of the major landmarks and cities throughout the world. This time, they learned from The Avengers and are lifting entire cities into the air and slamming them into the ground.

10 Cloverfield Lane - Goodman's not a good man

We're still left scratching our heads over 10 Cloverfield Lane. This minimalist followup to the first-person Kaiju monster movie is a completely different take on what we'd expect from a sequel. We all thought Cloverfield 2 would simply be more of that Godzilla-esque monster terrorizing New York, or perhaps moving on to Philadelphia. Instead, we have Mary Elizabeth Winstead being held captive by John Goodman. Most people wouldn't even associate this movie to Cloverfield if they didn't know its title. This new trailer reveals that Winstead was in a car accident and she was supposedly rescued by Goodman, who is some kind of survivalist nut. Fortunate for Goodman, the world seems to have come to a standstill after the events of the first movie, justifying his unique lifestyle.

Winstead escapes her captor, only to find out that the surrounding area is a derelict ghost town. The highpoint of the trailer is when she finds an old, abandoned house with a giant white light behind it. In the background, a monster's roar can be heard. It's tough to tell if this is the roar of the Cloverfield kaiju—it could be one of its offspring. Don't forget that the monster in the first film spawned smaller, just as deadly versions of it, which would explain why the area is abandoned despite not having a skyscraper-sized beast running around. Nevertheless, we can't wait to see what happens in this terrifying sequel.

Deadpool - Special teams

What isn't there good to say about Deadpool? With the movie coming out just days after the Super Bowl, there isn't much else they could add to a new trailer. Instead, we have a remixed version of a previous TV spot. This time, Deadpool's dialogue and intro refers to the big game. Likewise, we see Wade Wilson using his fingers to lineup a kick onto a bad guy's head as if he was going for a field goal. There aren't any major Easter eggs or hidden things to find with this one, other than knowing the dialogue was probably heavily censored compared to what is in the actual film. Break out the chimichangas, he's here.