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The Blacklist Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

On "The Blacklist," Megan Boone plays a talented FBI profiler named Elizabeth Keen. She's able to put together facts out of hints and nuances in order to figure out exactly who she is dealing with — a skill that helps her as she tries to unravel the mysteries of her own past. Liz's journey to find out the truth — about Red, her father, her mother, and her history — means turning that discerning eye inward, as she tries to figure herself out.

We've all been there. In the show's story, Liz is aided (or is she?) in her quest by Red Reddington and his global network of spies, killers, thieves, and cheats. A major question on the show from the first time she meets Red is: How does Red seemingly know everything about her? The profiler has been profiled. Maybe everybody could use a Red Reddington to help figure themselves out. But you don't need Red, or to be an FBI profiler, to discover which "Blacklist" character you would be based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Mr. Kaplan

Kathryn Nemec, aka Mr. Kaplan (played by Susan Blommaert), is uncomplicated, bold and ambitious, loyal to a fault, and relentless.

Mr. Kaplan is an uncomplicated and intense woman, who lives for action and getting things done. She's a woman with a fire inside, and she'll do anything for the people she loves. She lives to protect Liz Keen, to clean up crime scenes, and aid Red Reddington. Even when she eventually goes to war with Red it's because she feels he has betrayed himself, and both before and after her "death," Mr. Kaplan continually relies on her own sense of right and wrong to tell her what to do.

Mr. Kaplan is bold and unflinching when it comes to danger and, equally, success. With expertise and reliability, she worked her way up to being a kind of consigliere to the Concierge of Crime, Red Reddington. Once he loses his way, from her perspective, it's time to be bold and unflinching about taking him down. Nothing can threaten Liz, or later her daughter, without Mr. Kaplan getting involved — and it's always been this way, since before Liz was even born. At every step, Mr. Kaplan cares most about Katarina, her daughter Liz, and her granddaughter — and eventually we learn that Mr. Kaplan only works with Red to protect those women. 

Those born under an Aries sun sign are loyal to a fault. In this case, it's Mr. Kaplan's duty to Liz, and eventually back to Red himself, that leads to her final death. The Aries is relentless in their pursuit of goals, giving Mr. Kaplan the strongest Aries energy on TV.

Taurus: Dembe

Unbelievably reliable and loyal, the fan-favorite "Blacklist" character Dembe is simply the best that Taurus has to offer. While he appreciates the lush life that being Red Reddington's body man brings, it's not why he works with Red. It's certainly not the reason he stays with Red, which is a lot simpler. Dembe is capable of love that is devastating in its purity, because Dembe feels things with his whole heart.

That Taurus loyalty is twinned with an equally well-known trait: Stubbornness. You can't have one without the other, at least not where the Bull is concerned. Dembe always does what is right in the moment, stubbornly obeying his conscience. The trick is that he's able to do this without breaking any of his agreements. Taurus will always find a way to win and get everyone out alive.

While Taurus isn't exactly known to be a planner, they do seem to have everything taken care of when it counts. Without Dembe and his constant vigilance, Red Reddington would hardly survive. Your Taurus friends will always pull you out of the fire the second you call. Even whenever Dembe "turns" against Red, it's never for long, and it's usually a case of mistaken identity anyway. Unlike Mr. Kaplan, Dembe has no higher allegiance than Red, and he'd do anything to save him, even from himself.

Gemini: Jolene Parker

It's no wonder we keep seeing Jolene looking in mirrors: She's a classic Gemini, running hot and cold and telling a different story to everyone she meets. The sign of the Twins is also the sign of our dual nature, and the hypnotic Jolene Parker is no different.

Bright and funny, Jolene hooks Liz Keen almost instantly with her charm, making her way into Liz's home and small trusted circle. While Liz's husband Tom is somewhat fascinated by her, he can tell there's something more beneath the surface. That's because natural chameleon "Jolene Parker" is really Lucy Brooks, a wanted criminal in hiding from Red Reddington, and her mission is to get close to Tom in any way she can. 

While Jolene's emotions aren't exactly readable, she seems to be in a constant conversation with her own motives. Perhaps if things had gone differently, Jolene could have eventually lived the school teacher life she was pretending to lead — but Red isn't known for his mercy, only his patience. Whatever she did to get on his radar, this Gemini soul went so far as to fake her own death to get out from under Red's regard.

Cancer: Aram Mojtabai

Aram Mojtabai, who was initially only supposed to appear in a single episode of "Blacklist," is a classic Cancer, with his nerves open to every experience and his heart continually on his sleeve. Cancers are all about the hearth and home, and Aram is definitely the heart of the Post Office family. His willingness to break the rules only surfaces when one of his friends or co-workers is in danger. 

While most of the love affairs on "The Blacklist" are tricky games that tend to end with death, Aram's history is full of lovely women he tries to save. That's what makes it so exciting and interesting when the relationship between Aram and Samar starts to grow. She's not his usual type, as she is hard and self-possessed — nothing like the soft and tender women he usually pursues.

That's part of being a Cancer, too, however. You're in a constant battle between your heart and your head. When it comes to Aram, he's blessed with prodigious amounts of both, which makes his struggle even more real. Our best advice for Aram and for all Cancers is to follow your heart, stay focused, and protect your visible tenderness. It's what makes Aram so special, and it's what draws all these women in — but it's also why we worry about him so much.

Leo: Samar Navabi

Samar Navabi, a former Mossad agent with uncertain ties to Red Reddington, is a born leader. Brave and strong, with a beautiful head of hair, Samar fits the sign of Leo perfectly. Samar is a queen of the Forest thanks to her strength, vast intelligence, and a lifetime of hard-won wisdom.

However, this Lion has a heart, too, and we see it when it comes to the few people that Samar allows into her life and heart. Aram and the Post Office team gradually become part of that special circle, and they're all the better for it.

Samar may have secrets, but she's not defined by them. This Leo is straightforward, almost to a fault, and yet somehow always ends up having charmed her prey. She is playful and competitive, which are classic Leo traits, but she is also probably the deadliest member of the team, and she knows it — but that power is something she only uses when necessary. Most of the time, she's happy to do her work, bask in someone's love, and hopefully build something lasting out of a hard life.

Virgo: Don Ressler

Don Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) is rule-bound, practical, and relates to others in a complex but ultimately even-handed way. No matter how he feels about Liz Keen, from friends to enemies to lovers, for example, he tries to be as fair as he can while still operating within the official parameters of his job as an FBI special agent. Unwilling to break the rules, even when it would behoove him or Liz to do so, Ressler is a "Boy Scout" type with a seriously dark underbelly — and really bad luck when it comes to love.

Ressler's also a highly talented agent given his practicality and knowledge in the field, which are both traits of earthy Virgo. Nobody is more dedicated or better at coming up with solutions than he is, and always with the sense that his rule-following nature covers up a huge heart. Virgos can seem cold or impersonal, but that impression is usually incorrect — their pragmatism and offers of tactical help are actually signs of devotion to those around them. 

A Virgo who senses the rules have been broken can't rest until things are put right. Ressler exhibits this Virgo drive in spades, between his obsession with his work and his disgust with Reddington and the criminals the team meets in each episode. But this predilection for obsession can also result in addiction, to which Ressler falls prey after his injury. The more this Virgo bottles up his emotions, the more desperate his circumstances can become — but it's that same Virgo drive, to be exemplary, that eventually rescues him every time.

Libra: Raymond Reddington

Raymond Reddington's approach to life can be summed up in three ideas: balance, peace, and partnership. His pursuit of peace may look strange, but it's technically correct. By creating the Blacklist and outing its members one by one, he's trying to correct a lifetime of infamy. His motives may seem ever-shifting as we learn more about his true identity, but at his heart, Red wants the crime and killing to stop and peace to come — and yes, he's willing to kill and commit crimes in order to make that happen.

Likewise, Red's sense of "balance," which is the key trait of the Libra, looks a little off from any perspective other than his own. As his secrets come closer to seeing light, he reveals a surprising depth of ethics. He tries to be fair and honest in his dealings with Liz, and we learn over the years that even his obsession with Liz is directly intended to balance out mistakes he made long ago.

There is no sign better suited to partnership than Libra, the Scales, who — like Red — loves finding value in things and looks at everything in terms of wholeness. A peaceful, balanced life for this sign includes companionship, and the basis of the show itself is a partnership that Red is driven to protect — even after every time Liz turns on him, investigates him, or otherwise betrays his wishes. He builds a relationship with a woman he loves like a daughter, despite the continual slings and arrows that result. This dedication to partnership defines Red as much as his crimes do, and it's the strongest sign yet that a Libra has arrived.

Scorpio: Tom Keen

Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold) is secretive, alluring, and capable of great depth. He lives at least two lives — one could even argue more than two. But every version of Tom we meet has a different kind of secret. From Liz's first discovery of his passport stash to later, when they are still living together despite Liz knowing the truth, and again when his daughter is in danger, Tom's capable of pretending to be someone else entirely. And before and in-between, we have Tom's life as a black ops assassin.

Tom is notably attractive to folks of all genders, which certainly helps him in his pursuits, but also speaks to his desire to connect. It's at odds with his nature, but that's the burden of the Scorpio: desperation for connection and belonging that is continually undermined by sudden leaps in mood or perspective. They say the scorpion's sting can't be anticipated, and that's very true of Scorpios, who often reserve their worst stings for those closest to them.

Tom's depth lends energy to the initial season, as we're secretly almost rooting for Liz's fears and investigation to turn out incorrect so that Tom can stay sweet, and innocent. Later (after she's kidnapped and tortures him in turn), we see tremendous emotional strength in his continued relationship with Liz, which speaks highly of them both. The Scorpion may be hard to predict — and even a little scary, at times — but a Scorpio in love is willing to go through hell.

Sagittarius: Elizabeth Keen

Liz Keen (Megan Boone) cares deeply for fairness and equality, which led her to Quantico and the FBI, where she uses her power to support those in need. When her story changes such that Liz is no longer able to work toward these goals in public, Liz doesn't back down. Liz is curious, as we can see from her job choice and from the way she just can't let certain things go. Suspicion of her husband Tom, for example, often shows us that Liz is willing to investigate even facts that will be painful for her. This blunt honesty is what got her called "Sir" at Quantico, after all.

Most of all, we can identify those born under Sagittarius by their flexibility, and Liz has this in spades. Her evolution, from card shark to profiler to Russian asset to a fugitive, barely even registers for Liz when it comes to her essence. Constantly changing, Liz is able to roll with the punches when most others would be overwhelmed by adversity. 

The Archer is one of the Zodiac's storytellers, requiring the context and linear nature of stories to properly process feelings and experiences. Both Liz's job as a profiler and her quest to find personal answers are examples of this Sagittarian reliance on stories and storytelling. Liz's journey is described in terms of her story, Red's, and eventually her mother's story.

Capricorn: Harold Cooper

Director Cooper (Harry Lennix) is known to be a stickler for the rules and a worrywort, but also a dependable friend and colleague. It's these traits that make him such a good boss at the Post Office black site, from which he directs the Reddington task force. Caring and firm in equal measure, Cooper has a poise and quiet confidence that make him a dependable anchor for his team. Even when he breaks the rules — on "The Blacklist," it never pays to be a mindless rule-follower — it's with the grandest of intentions and usually with no other recourse.

Cooper must follow the rules, and see every contingency before it arrives: This is what makes him such a great Capricorn. Those born under the sign of the sea-goat are known principally by their worries, which a Capricorn would describe more as "scenarios" to be avoided, no more or less likely than happier outcomes — but more deserving of preparation, which means he spends the majority of his energy on worst-case scenarios.

This power to see possible outcomes, without committing to any of them, is central to the Capricorn's way of being — and Director Cooper must call upon this gift in every episode, as he tries to anticipate not just the activity of criminals — but often the activity of his team itself! Much of Cooper's day is spent tracking down his agents, begging them to stay on the straight and narrow, coming up with legal solutions to problems, and otherwise being the best manager he can be. 

Aquarius: Alina Park

Alina Park introduces herself with a bang — almost the first thing she does on arrival is shoot Red Reddington in the arm! But that's typical of Aquarius, who can't help but make a splash everywhere they go. Of all the Zodiac signs, this air sign is easily the most rebellious and innovative. 

Liz likes Alina immediately because she has a dark side, and we see several times that Alina is just barely keeping that violent self in check — needless to say, this is Red's chief response to her as well. But like all Water-Bearers, this Aquarius has a sometimes overlooked softer side that appreciates support and kindness.

While Aries is generally thought of as the child of the Zodiac, Aquarius has a penchant for being the new kid in class wherever they go. They don't readily belong anywhere, even at the Post Office. The difference, for Aquarians and for Alina, is that they don't really want to belong. They exist to rebel and save as many people as possible while doing it.

Pisces: Meera Malik

Kind and usually quite gentle, Meera Malik is the quintessential Pisces. Her immense sensitivity makes her a good CIA field agent and mother. After all, even if she does sometimes seem at risk of drowning in her compassion and dreaminess. Piscean Meera's got an eye for detail and a gift for imagination that make her a crime-solver extraordinaire. She brings a fresh and grounded sensibility to the team that belies her shifting motives. However, beneath it all, Meera's a simple enough soul. 

Meera has walked away from plenty of jobs because work doesn't give her what her home life does. Placed on the team by the special request of Red's nemesis Diane Fowler, her allegiance is in doubt for much of her time on the show. She accidentally gives up crucial information to the terrorist, Anslo Garrick, for reasons she never quite finds out. It's this characteristic that gives Red the leverage to force Meera's hand and get to know the real Meera, the dangerous CIA interrogator that swims just under the surface.

Like any Pisces, she's got aspects of all the other signs within her: Aries and Sagittarius dedication, Virgo and Capricorn devotion to detail, and a Taurean love of home life. She's a stunning portrait of opposite selves that nonetheless swim in the same deep waters.