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Young Sheldon Finally Reveals The Real Reason Sheldon Hates Geology

While most fans of "The Big Bang Theory" love the entire cast, there is also a general consensus around one particular fan-favorite character. Given that he won four Emmy Awards for Best Actor in a Comedy Series, it's safe to say that Jim Parsons' portrayal of Sheldon Cooper is a favorite for many. Sheldon's many quirks and idiosyncrasies make him an intriguing character, and, maybe more so than any other character on the show, we get to see Sheldon mature.

But even with maturation in some areas of his life, Sheldon was relatable in the sense that many of his emphatic likes and dislikes hearken back to his childhood, with something happening in his past that cemented these set-in-stone ideas and routines. While it usually takes a while to get to the root of where this belief came from, keen-eyed fans of "The Big Bang Theory" who watch "Young Sheldon" were delighted when they were finally able to make a connection as to why adult Sheldon hates geology so much.

Sheldon's first crush loved geology

While "Young Sheldon" hasn't always been consistent in matching up with "The Big Bang Theory," it does have its moments. One such moment occurred in Season 1, Episode 15 ("Dolomite, Apple Slices, and a Mystery Woman"), when "The Big Bang Theory" fans finally got an answer to adult Sheldon's hatred of geology. We meet Libby (Anjelika Washington), an eleventh grader who Sheldon (Iain Armitage) invites to have lunch with him and Tam (Ryan Phuong). She introduces the two to geology, and it quickly becomes obvious that rocks minerals are her passion. As Sheldon becomes more interested in geology, he also becomes more infatuated with Libby.

When an opportunity comes up to see a space shuttle movie at the Museum of Natural Science with Libby and Tam, Sheldon's mom, Mary (Zoe Perry), is persuaded to meet Libby to decide if she can drive Sheldon to Houston for the film. The conversation is going well until Libby tells Mary, "I've been babysitting kids for years." This makes Sheldon realize that, while he thought they were friends, she thinks of him as a child. He suddenly makes an excuse that he doesn't feel well and insists that he can't go to the movie. Instead, Sheldon goes to his room to cry.

The episode ends with Sheldon telling Tam that he's decided geology isn't a real science. He says geology is more of a hobby, just before a voiceover from adult Sheldon takes it a step further. Adult Sheldon says, "As you can see, sometimes a person can be both incredibly intelligent and full of baloney." After Sheldon's many years of vocal disdain for geology, it's certainly nice to finally have some understanding of his deep-seated hatred.