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The Hilarious Reason Why Some Fans Watch Curse Of Oak Island

"The Curse of Oak Island" is a marathon of digs, speculation, and historical facts mixed with some heavy-handed optimism. Having scoured the small Canadian island for over nine seasons, the premise of "The Curse of Oak Island" is that at least one of the many theories surrounding the island might one day be proven correct and shake up current historical knowledge (via IMDb). In the pursuit of this long-lost information, Rick and Marty Lagina lead a crack team of diggers, researchers, metal-detecting experts, and heavy equipment operators in attempts to leave no stone unturned.

Considering how long "Oak Island" has been on television, it is truly amazing that the show remains such a viewership behemoth. As of early May 2022, the popular reality television series continues to appear among the top five most-viewed original cable telecasts (via Show Buzz Daily). So, after all this time with only occasional treasures being found, what's the magic that keeps this show going? Is it the promise of a hidden bounty of treasure? The potential of a long-lost Knights Templar relic? It seems like some fans have a rather different reason for watching the show, and it probably isn't what most fans would expect or what the producers behind the series had in mind.

Some viewers of The Curse of Oak Island believe the show makes a great sleep aid

Fans of popular shows often like to express their opinions on the Internet, and fans of "The Curse of Oak Island" are certainly no different in this regard. Taking to one of the most trafficked outlets of thought on the internet, u/BoxeeBrown started a thread about how "The Curse of Oak Island" is the perfect show to fall asleep to. 

In a post excoriating the series for its lack of creativity, this user stated, "It's boring as s***. A show about old men stood about with their hands tucked into their pockets. Nodding. Occasionally digging holes. Sittings through the contents of the holes. Finding absolutely nothing. Nine series and twenty-six episodes. Goodnight."

With such a hot take about a heavily watched television show, others had to toss their hat into the proverbial online battleground. Notably, there wasn't much pushback. U/Abdul-Ahmadinejad agreed with the original comment and said that they fell asleep just reading that summary. U/duchoncho joked, "Sweet dreams of wood sniffing with Billy and Gary," while u/rtk117117 added, "I love the show but I've fallen asleep a few times too." 

Several others also took time to poke fun at the show, despite evidently being interested enough to frequent an online fan page. U/NeuroguyNC made light of the narrator and said that "Oak Island" is better than sleep medication. "The best show to nap/fall asleep to and it's not even close," u/GomphZIPS said, "This is the true treasure of Oak Island!"