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The Star Wars Hero You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology may not be an exact science, but it sure is fun to think about — especially if you enjoy imagining you live in a galaxy far, far away. The "Star Wars" characters are as different as the 12 signs in the Zodiac, but some of our favorite space heroes are so close to Zodiac descriptions it's eerie. 

From Leia's bold, carefully-curated personality adjustments to Rey's extreme individuality, each "Star Wars" character fits pretty well into these 12 personality types. Their respective signs may not correlate with their actual birthdays (do "Star Wars" characters even follow the Gregorian calendar?), but it's hard to argue that each member of this ragtag group of heroes doesn't fit a certain brand. Surely, everyone's dying to know which "Star Wars" hero matches their own Zodiac sign, and we're here to help. Using Horoscope.com to guide the way, for better or for worse, here's where the "Star Wars" heroes would fit into the Zodiac. Does your favorite hero match your sign? (Please don't yell at us, Capricorns and Scorpios.)

Aries: Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker made a name for himself as the slightly chaotic, impulsive hero who never shies away from saying precisely what's on his mind. And let's face it: The Rebellion would have crashed and burned before the destruction of the Death Star if it weren't for his severe competitive streak. Of course, that means all signs point to Aries for our favorite Rebel pilot-turned cave-dwelling recluse. Whether he's a Rebellion leader or hanging out with porgs on Ahch-To, Luke Skywalker forges his own trail.

Fans have criticized "The Last Jedi" to Mustafar and back for presenting scenes that allegedly betrayed Luke's character. Yet, we often forget how prone to impulsivity and even violent outbursts Luke was in the original trilogy. After all, he spent the entire first three films learning to control his impulses and anger. It's not beyond reason that for a fraction of a moment, Luke might be tempted to turn a lightsaber on his nephew when he sees the same kind of unbridled power that he spent the better part of his late teens fighting against. 

In the end, he made the right choice, as he usually did, but the damage was done. Luke may be generally laid back, but his fiery personality is a double-edged lightsaber that allowed him to both stand up to Yoda to save his friends and accidentally turn his nephew to the Dark Side. Luke Skywalker is nothing if not layered, as are Aries signs.

Taurus: Mace Windu

When it comes to the Jedi Council, change isn't exactly in the cards for their mindset — unless you're Mace Windu. The unwavering rules of the Jedi and their inability to accept progress are what eventually led to their downfall. However, despite peer pressure from his cohorts, Mace was able to adapt from this black-and-white thinking when circumstances called for it — a primary Taurus trait. 

He might be intelligent and ambitious, like any good Taurus, but when Anakin discovered the truth about the Emperor in "Episode III," Mace was the only one who listened to him. In turn, he was the only Jedi that Anakin could trust, even if Anakin didn't yet know it. Had Mace survived Palpatine's attack, there is a good chance Anakin would have evaded the Dark Side.

It's all because of Mace's willingness to listen to conflicting points of view, adapt his own thinking, and do what needs to get done. Sadly for Mace, the Emperor's methods of manipulation won out, but Mace nonetheless ranks among the most beloved Jedi of all time.

Gemini: Leia Organa

Gemini might not be the first sign that comes to mind when you think of our space queen, General Organa, but the categorization makes sense when you stop to think about it. It's clear back when we met Princess Leia for the first time in "A New Hope" that there were two different sides to her. Of course, we first saw her fiery "take no prisoners" attitude when she told off Vader, but by the end of the film, we glimpsed a deep compassion and empathy that is unrivaled in the "Star Wars" universe.

Luke had simply lost a mentor that he'd known for a hot minute, while Leia had watched her entire planet — including her adoptive parents — blown to smithereens when the Death Star blew up Alderaan. Yet, despite the gut-wrenching loss of her home and the only family she (thought) she had left, Leia was more concerned with how Luke was feeling. To boot, her zest for life, sass, and unwillingness to accept defeat or let the past rule her informed every aspect of her being — including her unwavering hope.

Being "two-faced," as people often accuse Gemini, isn't the bad thing it's cracked up to be. Different circumstances require a different approach, and Leia was there to get what she wanted and needed for the galaxy's sake. Her strong ability to love and remain loyal was no joke either.

Cancer: Finn

As is often the case with Cancer signs, Finn wears his heart on his sleeve. When it came to love, he fell hard and fast. Finn instantly had deep feelings for Rey, despite her initial icy demeanor toward him, and he similarly fell quickly for Rose in "The Last Jedi." Our favorite former stormtrooper isn't one to work alone — and neither are Cancers. Finn always had a partner or two to back him up in whatever mission he was taking on for the benefit of the galaxy, and it helped ground him into becoming an unstoppable force. 

Finn listened to his heart more often than his brain, but that didn't mean he didn't have a good head on his shoulders. He trusted his instincts above all else, and he fought for what he knew was right. How many people can say that they escaped the clutches of the First Order to join the Resistance? Finn would fall on a saber to protect his friends — but he'd still call them out when they needed it. All in all, Finn (and Cancers) are the kind of friend everybody needs.

Leo: Lando Calrissian

Come on, anyone dazzling enough to wear capes like Lando has to be a Leo. Lando Calrissian is a good-looking guy with an impeccable (albeit eccentric) fashion sense and a drive that makes him a stellar businessman. He's just not that into being modest about it, and that's okay. The galaxy would cease turning if we didn't have charmers like Lando and Leos. He's brave, hard-working, and may seem just a bit full of himself. And at the end of the day, he always puts himself first — a key Leo trait. 

Now, of course, he has a line, as does everyone. He was willing to go along with Vader's stronghold in "The Empire Strikes Back" when he didn't think anyone would get hurt. However, his change of heart stemmed from a heavy conscience when Vader took things too far. 

Not even the fact that it was against his own best interests was enough to stop him from abandoning Bespin and helping his friends — new and old. With enough energy and charm to fuel the Falcon, Leos are the sort of people you want on your side. They could convince a Wookie to tap dance if they tried hard enough. Though he has a ton of flash, Lando also has heaps of substance and compassion.

Virgo: Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi isn't exactly a huge talker, but when he says something, you just might want to pay attention — such is the way for Virgos. Obi-Wan may have high expectations for others, but he has always been even harder on himself. 

He certainly had no problem chewing out Anakin when he bailed on the Jedi rules and did things his own way, but he also singlehandedly blamed himself for Anakin's descent to the Dark Side. The betrayal caused Obi-Wan to retreat to Tatooine, essentially becoming a hermit because as upset as he was with Anakin, he was more angry with himself for not stopping it. 

Though Obi-Wan (and indeed, Virgos in general) expect a great deal from their friends, they are life-long learners who place a tremendous amount of importance on the people in their lives. The Jedi often accused Obi-Wan of getting too close to his charge (Anakin), and while that may have been true, it also may have been the only reason Anakin took so long to turn. Instead of yelling at Anakin when he learned of Padmé's pregnancy, despite it being against Jedi code, his first instinct was to help. In the end, it wasn't enough, but if more Jedi behaved like Obi-Wan, Anakin might never have become Vader. 

Obi-Wan truly sees the best in people, and he always gives people a choice to make a better decision. Fortunately for Obi-Wan, he redeemed his Anakin-related failings with Luke's training.

Libra: Padme Amidala

There's a keyword in the Libra zeitgeist that can't but help stand out when you think of Padmé Amidala: diplomacy. While she may literally be the queen of Naboo for a period, Padmé is also the queen of setting forth compromises and putting her people's needs above her own. She also had a knack for getting some of the more chaotic people in her life (read: Anakin) to simmer down and look at things logically. 

Even when the choice to serve another term as queen fell into her lap, she declined. Well-intentioned or not, serving another term would have been counter to a democracy. Though she had a line of people to fight her battles, she opted to be in the thick of the action, to get a complete picture of what was going on so she could lead adequately. Padmé showed more grit, imagination, and communication skills than those twice her age. 

Now, that's not to say that a Libra's intelligence and quest for peace doesn't leave time for love. Throughout the better part of the prequel trilogy, we watched Padmé fight with the logical part of herself that knew she and Anakin were an ill-fated match, but ultimately, love won out. Despite her pragmatic approach to life, she couldn't help but allow Anakin to sweep her up in a whirlwind, ill-fated romance. If you asked Padmé whether she'd do it again, she'd probably say yes. Sound familiar, Aries signs?

Scorpio: Anakin Skywalker

Okay, so we tend to think about Anakin as more of a villain than a hero, but our boy Ani fought the good fight for a long time before letting himself fall into darkness — and his life did end on the proper side of history. Now, that's not to counteract Anakin's truly awful behavior and destruction, but what caused him to go from light to dark so quickly? Scorpios tend to get a bad reputation in the horoscope world, but when Scorpios make better choices than Anakin (which most do), they are amazing people, friends, and lovers.

For a sign ruled by passion, that emotion can be a bit of a slippery slope for a Scorpio. They're unafraid to break some rules or beat to their own drum, and they don't walk away from an argument (or a lightsaber duel). Those are great traits when used properly, but Anakin let his otherness fester into a complex, and began seeing everyone as a threat. He wasn't entirely without cause, however. There's nothing a Scorpio hates more than people being secretive and inauthentic — and that's precisely how the Jedi Council treated Anakin.

Their refusal to be honest with him led him straight into the manipulative hands of Palpatine. And while Scorpios can typically intuit someone's intentions, his inner turmoil and frustration with the Council blinded him, and he never quite figured out how to deal with his emotions. Ultimately, Anakin's intense love was his downfall, because he couldn't balance all of his feelings, and the Council would rather have had him repress than address them.

Sagittarius : Han Solo

Han Solo didn't pick the last name "Solo" for nothing. Though he may enjoy his solo adventures, he's meant to lead — something that takes him some time to come to terms with. Just like any good Sagittarius, Han doesn't sugar-coat anything, and he's not exactly the most sensitive guy in the galaxy. However, you can't argue that he deeply cares for the people who make it into the small group of people he would die for. Han certainly isn't someone to ask an opinion from if you don't want to hear the unvarnished truth. 

Han doesn't give a flying Falcon if you like him or not, and he'll always do what he decides to do regardless of what others think. He's not a man who puts much stock in appearance or personal belongings, but as long as he's got his Millennium Falcon, his quick-thinking creativity, and his Wookie co-pilot, he's good to go. Having a certain space-buns-wearing princess riding shotgun certainly doesn't hurt either. He'll be affectionate when no one's looking — just don't tell anyone about it.

Capricorn: C-3PO

Listen up, Capricorns: If you groaned when you saw C-3PO's name, hear us out! Sure, there are many annoying things about C-3PO that we could complain about, but for every irritating quality he has, there are three more lovely ones to take their place. The galaxy wouldn't have even survived the first Resistance victory if it weren't for our golden friend, so he certainly has more merit than his supposed friends give him credit for. 

C-3PO's most obvious trait is his unbridled intelligence. Who else do you know that can speak over six million languages? But beyond his knowledge comes his love of rules (he's programmed to follow them, after all) and his need to achieve all of his goals. A less friendly way to put it is that the droid is stubborn as hell. 

C-3PO is a perfectionist by nature, and his friends help him balance out that part of himself. Basically, C-3PO is the guy you want coordinating all of those dreaded group projects that give everyone a headache. The only thing that can trump a Capricorn's need to follow the rules are their friendships — and "The Rise of Skywalker" sees 3PO break some pretty big regulations to translate a Dark Side dagger. He's willing to give up his entire existence to help his friends, save the world, and honor their losses. C-3PO and Capricorns may expect a lot from their friends, but they give a whole lot more. 

Aquarius: Rey Skywalker

There's no denying that Rey Skywalker is one of a kind, and so are Aquariuses. Rey prides herself on doing the right thing and striving to leave the galaxy better than she left it. We've met many Jedis in the "Star Wars" franchise, but no one has such a firm grasp of their powers — not even Yoda. Rey displays an incredible ability to control her emotions when she needs to tap into the Dark Side, but it never truly tempts her in the way it has consumed fallen Jedi. 

While her friendships mean everything to her, seeking romance doesn't even fall into her top ten priorities. She has a goal, and until she saves the world, everything else comes second. Yet, Rey's compassion and ability to see beneath the surface is why everyone is drawn to her. Her refusal to give up on people may have been the only reason Kylo Ren even had a shot at turning back from the Dark Side. Her grit and determination, mixed with an ability to pivot, made her successful (eventually) in almost everything she put her mind to, and she has always been willing to stop what she's doing to help someone — like a big giant creature that everyone else is afraid of.

Pisces: Yoda

Yoda just might be the most intuitive, solitary character in the "Star Wars" universe, so of course, he would fit right in with the Pisces gang. The Force is certainly strong with this one, and Yoda is known across the galaxy as the guy you listen to when there's a catastrophe. He has a wicked sense of what people's intentions are, and he's generally able to tell whether or not the Dark Side will tempt someone. 

However, that gift is also a curse. By discounting characters like Anakin based on their potential to turn to darkness, he tends to write off people with the potential to be good. This rigidity in going by gut reactions can undoubtedly be an asset when used to inform rather than dictate. But as intuitive as Yoda is, he has never been one to embrace change.

People tend to tune into every word a Pisces has to say, which can be a good thing — but learn from Yoda's mistakes, you must. Give people the benefit of the doubt, and they might surprise you. But that's not to say that Yoda, or Pisces as a whole, don't have their fun. The galaxy's original green Jedi was often amused by the smallest of things, and has long been a favorite with younglings for a reason: He sees the world through their wondrous eyes.