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My 600-Lb Life: Where Are The Assanti Brothers Now?

Some of the most controversial stars to ever appear on "My 600-Lb Life" are brothers Justin and Steven Assanti. Back in 2017 when their episode aired, the brothers were known for generating a lot of drama and tension. Justin, who weighed around 600 pounds, was the even-keeled of the duo and was a little more willing to follow his weight loss plan. However, Steven, who weighed nearly 800 pounds, was incredibly obstinate and would often throw tantrums and cause a ton of chaos on the show. Needless to say, Steven stole the show, and not for the best reasons.

Now that it's been a few years since their appearance on "My 600-Lb Life," the brothers have largely exited the spotlight. However, both siblings have retained a following from the show and, unlike some former "My 600-Lb Life" stars such as JT, they've actively kept fans updated on their progress. Viewers who watched the Assanti brothers' episode on "My 600-Lb Life" will be interested to know that these two are actually doing pretty well. Still, not every development has been positive, and fans of the siblings won't want to miss out on the details of everything that has happened.

Steven Assanti is doing better, but he isn't happy about the episode

In the years following the premiere of his "My 600-Lb Life" episode, Steven Assanti has been fairly outspoken about his disdain for how the show portrayed him. More specifically, Steven has argued that TLC "overdramatized" his behavior. He discussed this idea during a 2020 interview with Xoop's sister site Nicki Swift, in which he claimed the producers didn't bother to show any of his good qualities. "They only show me going crazy, and yelling at people, and taking pain pills, and just all the bad stuff," he said. "They filmed me and my family doing good things too, but they choose to show just the bad things."

Despite his frustration with TLC, Steven participated in an episode of "My 600-Lb Life: Where Are They Now?" in 2020, in which he revealed that he had lost roughly 300 pounds, dropping him into the 500-pound range. He's still quite active on the internet, having created both a TikTok account and a Cameo page, on which interested fans can pay to receive a personalized video message from the former "My 600-Lb Life" star.

Steven is married, but has faced some relationship strains

In 2018, Steven Assanti married a woman named Stephanie. Although the show portrayed him as self-absorbed and temperamental, Stephanie refuted many of these qualities. During a 2018 interview with Starcasm, she explained that Steven couldn't have been more different from his on-screen appearance. "Beauty is skin deep and he has a heart of gold," she said. "[Steven is] nothing like how he was perceived on the TV show at all or on his YouTube videos. He's a gentleman and a fantastic lover and lover of life in general."

Steven also admitted that he and Stephanie have had a hard time dealing with the fame. During the aforementioned Nicki Swift interview, Steven explained that Stephanie wasn't a fan of the spotlight, and it has caused some tension. This eventually manifested in a separation where the two lived 90 minutes away from each other. "She's kind of doing her own thing," Steven explained. "We're always working it out. I love her with all my heart and she loves me. We're just in two different households right now. Need a little break."

More recently, Steven attacked fans for accusing his wife of "cashing in" on his TLC checks. According to a report from Soap Dirt, the former star got upset after reading mean comments and rumors. He revealed that Stephanie "totally refused" an offer from TLC. 

Justin Assanti has moved on from the show

Similar to his brother, Justin Assanti has also fared relatively well following his appearance "My 600-Lb Life." Based on the 2020 follow-up episode of "My 600-Lb Life: Where Are They Now?," it seems that his store, Hobby Haven, is enjoying continued success and has been a great way for him to work through his social anxiety. After getting a bariatric procedure, Justin has also reportedly dropped 200 pounds.

Similar to his brother, Justin has also spoken out about on the show's portrayal of the brotherly duo. In a Reddit Q&A thread, he admitted that their episode was heavily edited, but he nevertheless affirmed that the show offered an accurate depiction of what life with Steven was like. "Steven is really like that even off camera," he wrote.

While Justin's journey through life continues, fans shouldn't expect to see him involved with "My 600-Lb Life" in any capacity moving forward due to the vitriolic attention he garnered from his appearance. "I went from no one knowing I existed to being harassed all day on social media, my business and phone calls," he explained. "I wouldn't do it again."

Steven and Justin are not on speaking terms

While the Assanti brothers were something of a package deal during their time on "My 600-Lb Life," the pair actually don't have a positive relationship with each other. In fact, recent years have seen the duo completely estranged, with neither of them being on speaking terms with the other. "Steven got married," he noted in a now-deleted comment from the Reddit Q&A thread (preserved by Starcasm). "He doesn't bother us since he got married."

While Justin and Steven aren't on good terms, the former did have to clarify a pressing matter regarding his brother in early 2023. Around that time, a rumor spread that Steven had died, making him one of the various "My 600-Lb Life" stars to have passed away. Justin set the record straight on his Facebook page, writing: "Steven Assanti did not pass away. He is alive and in his apartment. I have no direct contact with him but my father does and they talk every night."