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The Shining Actress Shelley Duvall Dead At 75

Shelley Duvall, the actress best-known for her roles in "The Shining" and "McCabe and Mrs. Miller," died at home on Thursday, July 11. She was 75 years old. The heartbreaking news was confirmed by her long-term partner, Dan Gilroy, who told The Hollywood Reporter that she passed away from complications connected to her diabetes. Gilroy also shared an emotional farewell message in the statement released to the outlet. 

"My dear, sweet, wonderful life partner and friend left us," Gilroy said. "Too much suffering lately, now she's free. Fly away, beautiful Shelley."

Duvall's real-life struggles have been well documented, but she leaves behind an impressive body of work that earned her heaps of acclaim. That said, some of her most popular roles were demanding experiences, and she eventually retired from acting in 2002. With that in mind, let's take a look at Duvall's storied career and some of the projects that turned her into a household name.

Shelly Duvall starred in some beloved classics

Shelley Duvall worked with several iconic filmmakers during her career. She was a favorite of director Robert Altman, who cast her in several films, including "Nashville," "3 Women," and the aforementioned "McCabe and Mrs. Miller." Some of her other notable credits include Woody Allen's "Annie Hall" and the 1980 "Popeye" musical.

Of course, fans of scary cinema will remember Duvall for her standout turn as Wendy Torrance in Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining," which is widely regarded as one of the best horror movies of all time. Working on the Stephen King adaptation wasn't a positive experience for Duvall, however, as some behind-the-scenes issues and tensions had an impact on her. In fact, Duvall considered quitting acting after "The Shining," as the project was extremely demanding.

While Duvall stepped away from acting in 2002, she did return for a one-off role in 2020's "The Forest Hills." Fortunately, her experience on this movie was a positive one, as she explained in an interview with People. "Acting again — it's so much fun. It enriches your life." Many fans will undoubtedly agree that Duvall's performances enriched their lives, too.