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The 3 Chicago Med Veterans Officially Returning For Season 10

The One Chicago franchise can be pretty turbulent when it comes to cast turnover. NBC feels like these exits are a natural progression, with the likes of "Chicago Fire" and "Chicago Med" continuing to do well with each new episode airing. Still, it's likely good for the network and audiences to have some semblance of normality, which is why fans should rejoice that three regulars on "Chicago Med" will stick around for the 2024-2025 TV season.

Deadline reports that Oliver Platt, S. Epatha Merkerson, and Marlyne Barrett — who play Dr. Daniel Charles, Sharon Goodwin, and Maggie Lockwood, respectively, on the hit medical drama — have renewed their contracts. It's a big deal, seeing as these are the three remaining cast members who have been with the show since its beginning. Their contracts expired at the end of this last season, but agreements have been reached to keep them around a little bit longer.

The news of Platt returning may not come as too much of a surprise, as the actor recently spoke to AP News about how he was ecstatic to get to work on Season 10 just a week before the Deadline news broke. He stated, "I just love the fact that we tell stories that destigmatize mental health issues that, on a good week, 10 million people will watch those stories and so that's a cool thing." Platt could most recently be found on another Chicago-centric series, "The Bear," reprising his role of Uncle Jimmy, one of the show's least likable characters.

The renewals come amid showrunner shake-ups on Chicago Med

Having three long-running cast members stick around for a minimum of one more year is bound to elate fans, as there are already going to be people who aren't coming back for "Chicago Med" Season 10. It was previously announced that Dominic Rains, who has played Dr. Crockett Marcel since 2019, won't be a series regular for the next season. There's no indication yet if he'll appear in any capacity before dropping out entirely, but it's one goodbye fans might not be ready for. 

There's also the matter of "Chicago Med" getting some new blood behind the scenes. In April, it came to light that Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov wouldn't be back as showrunners for Season 10 after helming every single season since the series' debut. Allen MacDonald will now spearhead the show and hopefully bring a fresh perspective to the series that's now entering double-digit seasons. 

Keeping three original cast members leaves "Chicago Med" in pretty good shape and on better footing than some other series within the franchise. For instance, Eammon Walker has been on "Chicago Fire" as Wallace Boden since the procedural first aired in 2012. Earlier this year, it was revealed he was stepping down from his series regular post starting with the new season, although the door is apparently being left open for him to guest star down the road. People come and go from these shows all the time, but what's arguably just as important is ensuring the audience sticks around one season after the next. As long as people tune in, new characters can be brought in to keep viewers invested for a long time to come.