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NCIS: One Character In The Tony And Ziva Series Is More Important Than You Think

Four important new characters will be added to "NCIS: Tony and Ziva" before it debuts. One of those important people is slated to be their young daughter, Tali, who thus far remains uncast but will naturally be a huge focal point of the series. Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo have both stated in the past, on their podcast and in other formats, that Tali is actually its third main character since the series revolves around the family as a unit. But Michael Weatherly, who's delivered plenty of previous big Tali updates, has declared that parenthood will change Ziva, for better or worse.

"Every choice that Tony and Ziva have to make in their adventure, their child is first and foremost in the front of their mind," Weatherly said during Monte-Carlo TV Festival's "NCIS" panel, as quoted by Deadline. "When you have a child, you have to navigate what is best for them. And then maybe you have a co-parent that you have a tumultuous relationship with... and oh, wait, we also have to save the world." He added that Tali will add a new wrinkle to the plot, throwing new drama and danger into the show's brew of action and family tension.

While Tony (Weatherly), Ziva (de Pablo), and Tali try to save the world, several other members of the team might join their quest in due time.

Other NCIS characters might appear on Tony and Ziva's show

When quizzed by a reporter as to whether they'd like to appear on "NCIS: Tony and Ziva" at the Monte Carlo TV Festival, Wilmer Valderrama and Brian Dietzen were both very enthusiastic about the idea.

"It sounds very atypical for 'NCIS' as far as the storytelling because it won't be a case-of-the week type of show. That said, if they say: 'Hey we need Jimmy Palmer on a plasma screen' at any point, I'd say hell yes, that'd be fun, I'd do that in a heartbeat," said Dietzen.

Meanwhile, Wilmer Valderrama's response was more expansive. "I've explored so much, I have got to do a lot of good things ... but I'd like to maybe have my character be undercover somewhere in Europe, to leave Washington DC and have my character embedded in Italy, France or London," he said.

As of press time, there's no word as to which characters from the "NCIS" franchise — if any — will pop up on the still-percolating "NCIS: Tony and Ziva." Viewers will find out when the series debuts in the near future.