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How Jennifer Esposito Really Feels About The End Of Blue Bloods

"Blue Bloods" is officially set to end after 14 seasons on the air — in spite of the recent revelation that a spin-off series may be launching soon — and that's giving the show's main cast time to reflect on the drama's long legacy. Among those actors is Jennifer Esposito, who has some mixed memories related to her run on the show as Jackie Curatola. That's understandable, as the reason Esposito left the show was a fight with CBS over her need for a more limited schedule, after she collapsed on the set due to symptoms from celiac disease. 

"Everything has to come to an end, and I think they're smart to end it now, it's been a long time," she told ScreenRant in June. "I had some great times, of course, I had some not some fun times ... I met some great people there, and honestly, the fans — I still get asked, 'Are you gonna go back to Blue Bloods?!' And it's like, 'That's, like, 10 years ago!' That really warms my heart, so I couldn't be mad at it. It was nice to go back."

Though the statement might read as snarky to some, it's clear that Esposito's proud of her "Blue Bloods" work. She also hasn't burned any bridges, as Jackie's popped up twice in recent seasons.

Jackie has returned to Blue Bloods several times

After leaving "Blue Bloods" as a regular during Season 3, Jennifer Esposito's Jackie Curatola has returned to the show twice in recent years. She popped up for the first time in Season 13's "Forgive Our Trespassers." Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and his partner, Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez), turn to Jackie for help when a serial killer resurfaces to threaten both Jackie and Maria. During the episode, we learn that Jackie is now a small-town chief of police in Suffolk County. It looks like the stress-related leave of absence and eventual transfer she took away from New York City has helped her, resulting in the return of the confident, spiky Jackie that fans know and love.

During Season 14, Danny again calls upon Jackie for help when the serial killer who nearly murdered Jackie during Season 13 returns. Dr. Leonard Walker (Mather Zickel) is once again menacing Baez, and the trio have to work together in spite of Maria's jealousy over Jackie and Danny's closeness. The return is definitely important as it leaves Jackie in a great place. There's no word as to whether Esposito and Jackie will be back for the drama's swan song, but hope springs eternal.