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AI Reimagines The Jetsons As A Live-Action 1950s Series & It's Perfect

There are many things about "The Jetsons" you only notice as an adult. For starters, robots like Rosie are effectively genuine artificial intelligence that basically only exist to serve humans. One would imagine a robot uprising would be inevitable. However, all these decades later, humans are using AI for different kinds of ridiculous tasks, like imagining what "The Jetsons" would look like if it were a 1950s-era live-action sitcom.

Created by AI and uploaded to YouTube by Multiverse Wizard, the short trailer showcases the members of the Jetson family going about their business. Honestly, the aesthetic fits the property, giving "The Jetsons" a polish to make it akin to shows like "Father Knows Best" and "Leave It To Beaver." The only exception is that everything has a retro-futuristic vibe that would've likely been out of the budget for most '50s TV shows.

Naturally, there are all of the eldritch horrors that tend to come with such AI creations, such as arms that aren't attached to any bodies. Ultimately, "The Jetsons" works pretty well as a 1950s series, as opposed to a trailer for "The Boys" set during that decade, where the tones clash more.

The Jetsons had AI throughout the show

Looking back on "The Jetsons," there are many humorous aspects the show got wrong about the future, such as George giving his wife Jane paper money instead of a credit card. Come to think of it, would the Jetsons be into crypto? Clearly, the show wasn't interested in trying to accurately guess what the 21st century would be like, but even though the focus was on comedy and family dynamics, there are still many things "The Jetsons" eerily got right about the future

One could consider the use of AI on the show as being accurate. Rosie and other robots are obviously AI, and they're primarily tasked with performing household chores. Anyone who has a Roomba in their house is basically doing the same thing, even if Roombas can't crack jokes yet. AI is also on display on the episode "Test Pilot," where George goes to the doctor and swallows a pill that speaks with the doctor to provide data regarding George's vital organs. The AI pill and some misrepresented information make George believe he's soon going to die, which, of course, he doesn't. As such, this is another thing "The Jetsons" got right, considering the amount of misinformation that's often present with modern AI when people ask it questions.

Using AI to recreate "The Jetsons" in a live-action setting seems appropriate enough. On top of it all, it sure would be interesting to see a new episode where George tries to figure out ChatGPT.