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Auto-Botch: Why 'Optimus Prime' Was Arrested In Texas

Optimus Prime? More like Optimus Crime. However, this isn't about the famous Autobot's most questionable moments in the Transformers franchise, as it's more to do with his real-life namesake being accused of breaking the law.

According to FOX 7 Austin, a man in Texas who goes by the name Optimus Prime Blakely has been arrested for allegedly stealing a car in the south Austin area. At the time of this writing, the 37-year old remains in custody at a Travis County jail with his bond set at a whopping $8,000. The report adds that Blakely was in the stolen vehicle when the cops eventually picked him up.

Of course, there is some irony in someone called Optimus Prime being arrested for a vehicle-related crime. As such, some Transformers fans have taken to social media to comment on the incident and the alleged culprit's unusual name. Let's take a look at some of the most interesting responses.

Social media reacts to Optimus Prime Blakely's name

Optimus Prime ranks among the most powerful Transformers, so it's understandable why some folks want to be named after the Autobots' leader. Therefore, it's only natural that Optimus Prime Blakely has received some praise for having a notable moniker. "[Not gonna lie], kick-ass name," X (formerly known as Twitter) user @Psycopt posted after the story came to light.

At the same time, some social media users are unhappy that Blakely has a regular person's last name. "I'm disappointed that his surname is Blakely. It feels like a lack of commitment," @BenCSRobinson wrote. On the flip side, some naysayers believe that human beings shouldn't be named after fictional sentient robots from far-off planets. "There should be some sort of definition or some sort of way to make sure people don't name their kids stupid names," X user @forsakenhenry suggested. 

While alleged car theft is no laughing matter, it seems that this story has captured people's attention. It will be interesting to see how the case proceeds from here, or if it will inspire people to name themselves or their children after Transformers characters.

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