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AI Reveals What Archer Characters Would Look Like In Real Life & It's Amazing

The spy organization on "Archer' has had to contend with artificial intelligence in the past. On Season 14, Episode 4 — "Chill Barry," cyborg Barry (Dave Willis) transfers his consciousness to a refrigerator, effectively turning the device into an AI fridge. Now, AI is being used to show what the eclectic cast of spies and buffoons would look like as real people, and the results are fairly uncanny. 


Archer characters as real people Made with Midjourney #archer #archerai #archerirl

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TikTok user @aiviking used Midjourney for the creations, and for the most part, everyone looks like their animated counterparts. There are some amusing discrepancies, such as Arthur Woodhouse (voiced by George Coe) looking like a befuddled Bill Murray. The comedic actor was certainly never a guest star that you forgot showed up on "Archer," so it's a bit odd he'd show up here. Additionally, the aforementioned Barry looks more like a late-'90s boy band member than a KGB agent. 

The question remains whether AI will ever go too far in replacing human artists with these designs, much in the same way certain "Archer" scenes would go too far. While these pictures beg the question of what a live-action "Archer" would look like, would fans would want that if H. Jon Benjamin's iconic Sterling Archer voice wasn't part of the deal? 

Could a live-action Archer movie happen?

"Archer" ended after 14 seasons with plenty of humor, gunfire, and Archer constantly yelling "Phrasing" whenever someone says something remotely dirty. While it seems Archer and the gang have hung up their guns for good, fans will always wonder if the show could return in some fashion or another, and the AI slideshow has undoubtedly gotten some people thinking of what a live-action "Archer" movie would look like. 

The topic has come up plenty of times over the years. H. Jon Benjamin discussed it with Screen Rant, asserting that he probably wouldn't be the right choice for a real-life Archer. "It's up to the people who run the show," he stated. "There was talk about it being live-action, and I just don't think I could pull that off at my weight. I think I can match Archer maybe drinking, but pretty much nothing else." Benjamin doesn't really share much with the live-action AI creation, who looks like he came straight out of a chiseled male model factory. However, the brains behind "Archer" have an idea in mind that's just wild enough to work.

In a 2016 interview with Daily Beast, executive producer Matt Thompson pitched, "If 'Archer' goes live-action, I do believe it will be Jon Hamm. Maybe you could do it with Jon Benjamin's voice coming out of him? I don't know." Of course, that's assuming any future "Archer" movie is live-action. Everyone's voices have become so entrenched with their characters, it may prove a tough sell to switch it up after so many years.