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Two Seth Rogen Movies Will Never Get Sequels (For A Good Reason)

Despite being responsible for some of the biggest comedies from the 2000s, Seth Rogen has no plans to produce sequels for his two most iconic films. In a recent chat with Complex, Rogen and his creative partner and co-writer, Evan Goldberg, opened up about their footprint on the comedic landscape. The conversation shifted to the power of sequels and if the duo is interested in turning some of their hits into franchises. "We're not opposed to revisiting some things, like 'Sausage Party,'" Goldberg said, adding, "'Superbad' and 'Pineapple Express,' we will not be revisiting. We will keep those safe and sound. There are a few things that are best left untouched." 

Released in 2007, "Superbad" is widely considered to be Rogen and Goldberg's magnum opus. Based on their high school adventures, "Superbad" launched lead stars Jonah Hill and Michael Cera into superstardom. Meanwhile, 2008's "Pineapple Express," another film written by the duo, is one of the most popular stoner comedies to ever hit the mainstream. 

With both films released nearly two decades ago, Rogen is surprised that their projects are still popular. "'Superbad' and 'Pineapple Express' are still probably two of the ones that people bring up the most," he said. Goldberg added that he doesn't want fans to come up to them and criticize hypothetical sequels if they don't live up to the hype. Rogen agreed with this sentiment, saying, "Yeah, exactly. Let's f***ing leave it as is. Because it's very personal to us and based on our high school experience, it's nice that so many people found it funny and resonated with it." 

Should Superbad and Pineapple Express get sequels?

It's interesting how Evan Goldberg points out that only a select few of their projects will receive sequels or follow-ups. While their collaborative filmographies mostly consist of original theatrical work, they did debut a sequel to 2014's "Neighbors" in 2016. Right now, the creatives are working on a follow-up television series to the animated "Sausage Party," which is set to hit Prime Video in July 2024. While "Neighbors" and "Sausage Party" are fan favorites, they also don't have the same cultural clout as "Superbad" and "Pineapple Express," which is why it makes sense that the duo is apprehensive to cook up sequels. 

There have, however, been plans in the past to follow up on their beloved projects. Producer Judd Apatow once revealed a fun idea he had for a "Superbad" sequel, but it was decided that a second outing would probably diminish the legacy of the first. While most of the cast and crew are hesitant to come back for a sequel, Jonah Hill has jokingly expressed interest in a "Superbad 2" under the condition that they follow his idea of focusing on the characters in their 80s. 

Apatow also had an idea for a "Pineapple Express" sequel that we'll probably never see. Ultimately, "Superbad" and "Pineapple Express" have emerged as a cultural fixtures, and with comedy sequels rarely living up to hype, it's probably for the best that Seth Rogen and Goldberg stick to original projects that continue to inspire fans.