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Why Griselda's Sex Scenes Kept Sofia Vergara Awake At Night

Sofia Vergara might be known as a bold sexpot thanks to her years as Gloria in "Modern Family," but it turns out that shooting nude scenes for her new Netflix series "Griselda" — based on the disturbing real-life story of drug kingpin Griselda Blanco — left her in a cold sweat, and not in a fun way. Speaking during "A Conversation with Sofia Vergara," as part of Netflix's FYSEE event on June 2, the actor said one particular scene left her feeling as if she were at sea.

"The sex scene. I don't think I've ever done like a sex scene. With Jay (the husband of her character on "Modern Family," played by Ed O'Neill), I didn't do anything. I'm 50! I mean, when I was 30, I wouldn't have worried. I think I was worried that I was going to look horrific," she said. Angles immediately became important, as she further suggested. "I was like, 'Where are they shooting me? The cellulite? From the side. Uh, I'm vain I guess. That one kept me awake I think," the actor said.

Even though Vergara had a few qualms about the scene before she shot it, everything ultimately went well for her.

Sofia Vergara loved the way her Griselda sex scene came out

In spite of her qualms, it turns out that Sofia Vergara's "Griselda" love scene resulted in a product she's proud of. "It came out good. It's really dark and Andi [Baiz], the director, is very artistic and he made me feel super comfortable and he's like, 'We're never going to stay like a long time on you (the camera),'" she said during "A Conversation with Sofia Vergara."

This is despite the fact that Vergara was required to put aside some of her vanity to properly resemble the actual Griselda Blanco — a disturbing individual in real life. "I wanted her to look real. And so it took me forever and I couldn't find a way to do tests and this and that. I wanted her to look from that era," the actor admitted. Additionally, the series, which is set during the 1970s, required Vergara to wear all sorts of prosthetics. "The teeth were fake. The nose, like, I had plastic, from here [her chin] to here. Over my eyebrows," she said.

Though the falls of hair she wore on "Modern Family" were fake, this was a whole new experience in makeup and hair for Vergara. She also taped down other parts of her body to minimize her figure and had to do all of this during a Los Angeles heat wave, and was understandably dripping with sweat by the end of the day. "It was (hot) in Los Angeles. I was like dying," she recalled. On top of that, the walk she took on to resemble Blanco's real, hunched stride left her with a herniated disc. 

You can see Vergara's hard work by streaming "Griselda" on Netflix now.