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What Happened To Nina Dobrev? The Vampire Diaries Star's Serious Accident, Explained

Nina Dobrev, who's known for her role as the divisive Elena Gilbert on "The Vampire Diaries," has had a tough time as of late. Fans of the actor may have seen her sharing health updates on her social media, which might lead to concerns about her situation. Fortunately, it appears that she's not in life-threatening danger: She had a bad accident while riding her e-bike and has chosen to be quite open about the incident. 

Dobrev revealed her injury in a May 20 Instagram post where one photo showed her straddling a very cool-looking, black e-bike, and another showed her in a hospital bed wearing neck and knee braces. "How it started vs how it's going," the accompanying text read, making clear that the two images were connected. Since then, she's shared the occasional updates about her recovery. On June 2, she posted a series of images where she wasn't wearing the neck brace anymore, but her leg was still braced up. "Trading in the 'selfie' for the 'leggie'. get ready for the leg content because that's all I've got in my camera roll these days," she wrote. 

On June 5, she revealed in yet another Instagram post that the leg had been successfully operated on and thanked people for all the support. While it certainly seems that things haven't been particularly easy for Dobrev, it also appears that the worst is behind her and she's on the road to recovery. 

Dobrev is one of many celebrities who have suffered grim injuries off set

The full circumstances of Nina Dobrev's e-bike accident are unknown, but based on the neck brace she sported in early photos of her injury, this may have been one of the freak accidents that almost killed actors off set. One of the best-known examples of such incidents is Marvel Cinematic Universe star Jeremy Renner's snow plow accident, where the actor was driving a plow that, after a strange and dramatic sequence of events, ended up grievously crushing him. In another example, Amy Schumer once nearly died after a surfboard fin cut open her leg.

Based on her Instagram posts, Dobrev seemed to approach the injury and its treatment in a much better mood than many other people might, cracking dry jokes and keeping her fans up to date. As such, there's every reason to believe that she'll recover from the leg injury ... and, quite possibly, provide her followers with plenty of updates during her journey back to full health.