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The TikTok Account You Need To Follow For Movies & TV That Didn't Age Well

There's so much content to peruse on TikTok, but if you're not watching this one creator's hilarious takes on classic movies and TV shows, you're seriously missing out.

Rob Anderson, who goes by the username hearttrobert on the platform, makes absolutely incredible "recaps" of movies and shows you probably loved as a kid and points out why they're objectively insane. A perfect example is his video about the 2001 Julia Stiles dance-centric film "Save the Last Dance," which he says "should be studied." (He also gained some traction for laughing at a particularly weird episode of "Touched by an Angel.")


The tagline really said "The only person you need to be is yourself" Save The Last Dance Movie #90s #90skids #90skid #90sthrowback #2000s

♬ original sound – Rob Anderson

From there, Anderson lovingly lambasts the film, pointing out that Stiles' character Sara switching schools right before graduation doesn't make any sense and laughing at the lackluster moves seen at the "hardcore" dance club Stepps that Sara visits pretty early in the movie. That's probably the best thing about Anderson's recaps; it's clear that he really loves the projects he's laughing at, so it never feels mean-spirited. Kerry Washington, who plays Chenille in the film (and brings Sara to Stepps in the first place), even dueted with Anderson's video on TikTok, pairing his commentary with a video of her just shaking her head as if she's embarrassed ... and then laughing along with him.

Rob Anderson has also made fun of beloved TV shows like 7th Heaven

If you ever loved campy shows like "7th Heaven" — the WB series about a family led by a reverend who get into all sorts of family-friendly scraps — Rob Anderson has you covered; his recaps of that show are also absolutely worth watching. (To be honest, they're even worth watching if you haven't watched "7th Heaven.") 


#7thheaven #90s #90skids

♬ original sound – Rob Anderson

In his first-ever video on the series, Anderson hones in on the Season 1 episode "America's Most Wanted," where the eldest daughter of the Camden family Mary (Jessica Biel) steals a glass from a restaurant, laughing at the moment her father Eric (Stephen Collins) finds the glass. ("Oh, here he is! The glass police!") As the episode itself escalates — largely because Barry Watson's Matt Camden covers for his sister and ends up going to jail and being put on trial for lifting a glass from a diner — Anderson gets more and more incredulous, breaking down the dumbest plot points of the episode.

Clearly, that provided inspiration; Anderson has a whole playlist of "7th Heaven" videos, and frankly, they're all spectacular. A lot of the movies and shows we all loved as kids are pretty dumb ... and Anderson's videos about them are as delightful as they are stupid.